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Bottle Top Burette, iDrop Electronic Digital Controlled


The new generation iDrop Digital Controlled Bottle Top Burette is a motorized burette which delivers accurate, precise, reliable and convenient titration, as well as optimum safety. It combines magnetic stirring for the titration process, making it easier for the operator to achieve credible, assured and repeatable results. It is ideal for both laboratory and field operation.

Features and Benefits of the iDrop Digital Controlled Bottle Top Burette:
  • Full digital controls for setting parameters and the dispensing process
  • Titration impulse triggered by the motor enables precise determination
  • Large LCD screen
  • All parameters are set via the external hand-held controller
  • Includes dock for hand-held controller as well as titration flask
  • Interface allows data storage and export of experimental data
  • Magnetic stirrer is included

Specifications (Click here):  Bottle Top Burette, iDrop Electronic Digital Controlled

NumberDescriptionPrice $
DL73130U Digital controlled iDrop bottle top burette (North American Plug) 1,625.00
DL73131E Digital controlled iDrop bottle top burette (European Plug) 1,625.00
17400037 Amber reagent bottle, 45 mm thread, 1 Liter 52.45
17400069 S40 Adapter, 45/40 mm, each 12.50
17400017 GL32 Adapter, 45/32 mm, each 12.50
17400018 GL38 Adapter, 45/38 mm, each 12.50
17400019 GL25 Adapter, 32/25 mm, each 12.50
17400020 GL28 Adapter, 32/28 mm, each 12.50
17400021 Filling tube 35.40
17100073 Discharge tube 46.40