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Belly Bath, The Belly Dancer Shaker Integrated with a Heated Water Bath
Belly Button, the Compact Gentle Action Shaker
Belly Dancer™ Gentle Action Laboratory Shaker
Blot Washer, Automate Washes after Incubations in Processing Western Blots
Conductivity and TDS Meter, the CD-2005 Bench Top
Digitally Controlled Thermostatic Orbital Shakers
Dual Action Digital Shakers - Orbital or Reciprocal Shaking, the SK-300, SK-600 and SK-71
Electrothermal Multi (Extraction) Heating Mantles and Heating/Stirring Mantles, 3 and 6-Position
Elmi Orbital Rocking Shakers, Flexible Sky Line Series DOS with Digital Controller
Hi-Low Profile Rocker, Height of 1.75 inches (5 cm)
Homogenizers, Compact BeadBug™ Personal and BeadBug™ 6-Position Microtube Bead Grinders
Homogenizers, Solid Mixers VS-5 and VS-8
Hot Plate Stirrers, 800.DG, 900.DG Digital Control of Heat, Speed and Time and 700.AG Analog Control of Heat and Speed
Hot Plate Stirrers, Hot Plates, and Stirrers, the Analog H4000 Series
Hot Plate Stirrers, Hot Plates, and Stirrers, the Analog and Digital EchoTherm Family
Hot Plate Stirrers, Hot Plates, and Stirrers, the Digital H3760 Series
Hot Plate Stirrers, Hot Plates, the EchoTherm Programmable Family
IKA C-Mag Series Hot Plate Stirrers (HS), the HS 4, HS 7 and HS 10
IKA C-Mag Series Magnetic Stirrers (MS), the MS 4, MS 7, and MS 10
IKA Hot Plate Stirrers, IKA RCT Basic, RET Basic and RET Control Visc, Safety Control
IKA Multi-Position Magnetic Stirrers (RO Models) and Magnetic Heater Stirrers (RT Models)
Infors Ecotron Shaking Incubators
Infors Orbitron Orbital Shaker with Large or Extra Large Universal Platform and Penta-Drive Dynamic Mass Balancing
Kneader, the IKA HKD-T 06 D Laboratory High Performance Kneader
Low Profile Roller Mixer, 2.3 inches in Height
Magnetic Stirrer without Heating, Ultra-flat Compact IKA Lab Disc
Magnetic Stirrers without Heating, Compact IKA Mini MR Standard and Small KMO 2 Basic
Magnetic Stirrers, the IKA Topolino and the IKA Topolino Mobil Portable
Multi-Tube Vortexer, the Heavy Duty and Adaptable BenchMixer™ XL
Multiposition Analog Stirrers and Hot Plate Stirrers, EchoTherm 5 Position Digital and 5 Position Programmable Hot Plate Stirrers
Multiposition Analog Stirrers, 10 and 16 Position
Multiposition Magnetic Stirrer, the Compact 4-Position MS-01
Orbital Shakers SH30 and SH30t, Economical Medium Speed
Orbital Shakers, Flexible Sky Line Series S-3.02M
Orbital Shakers, INFORS Celltron, Gentle Drive for use in CO2 Incubators
Orbital Shakers, Orbi-Shaker™ CO2 and Orbi-Shaker™ CO2 XL Benchtop All Environment, Remote Control
Orbital Shakers, Orbi-Shaker™ XL High Capacity Benchtop
Orbital Shakers, the AG-200 Petri Dish Shaker
Overhead Stirrer, Portable Model 1540 Crossover High Volume, for stand or large container mounting
Overhead Stirrers, CAT Standard Laboratory R80D, R80D-PC. R50, R50D and R18
Overhead Stirrers, Electronically Controlled Eurostar 100, 200, Digital or Digital Control, and Eurostar 200 P4 Digital Control
Overhead Stirrers, Electronically Controlled Eurostar 20, 40, 60 Digital, Eurostar 20 High Speed and Eurostar 60 Digital Control
Overhead Stirrers, Heidolph Series RZR with Electronic Control
Overhead Stirrers, Heidolph Series RZR with Mechanical Control
Overhead Stirrers, Laboratory to Pilot plant, CAT R100 Power Series
Overhead Stirrers, Mechanically Controlled RW 20 Digital and RW 28 Basic Laboratory
Overhead Stirrers, Mechanically Controlled RW 47 D Digital Heavy Duty
Overhead Stirrers, Small R14 and the Battery Powered Handheld R1
Overhead stirrers, the OS40-Pro LCD, OS20-Pro LCD, OS40-S LED and OS20-S LED
Reciprocal Shakers SH30L and SH30L-t, Economical Medium Speed
Rockers, BenchRocker Variable Speed and Tilt Angle 2D Rocker
Rockers, BioMixer and Mini BioMixer Moderately Aggressive Fixed Speed 3D
Rockers, BlotBoy and Mini Blotboy Low Fixed Speed 3D, with Gentle Motion Designed for Blot Related Applications
Rockers, Everlast 247 Continuous Duty Adjustable Endurance
Rockers, Low Profile BenchBlotter Fixed Speed 2D Platform Rocker
Rocking Mixer, the Vibromatic Wrist Type Shaker
Rocking Shakers, Elmi Digital Control DRS-12
Rotators, AG and HAG Timed, Variable Speed and Adjustable Tilt
Shakers, Advanced Direct Drive Heavy Duty Orbital SKC 6000 and SKC 7000 Series
Shakers, Compact Glas-Col Bench-Top and Mid-Range 3D
Shakers, Incu-Mixer™ MP2 and MP4 Heated Microplate Vortex Mixers for 2 or 4 Plates
Shakers, OrbiShaker MP Orbital Microplate Variable Speed
Shaking Incubators, BIS-1, BIS-2 and BIS-3
Shaking Incubators, Compact Incu-Shaker Mini
Shaking Incubators, Heavy Duty Incu-Shaker™ 10L Heating Only and 10LR with Heating and Cooling
Shaking Incubators, INFORS Minitron with Clean Magnetic Coupling
Shaking Incubators, INFORS Multitron Cell Stacking
Shaking Incubators, INFORS Multitron Pro Stacking
Shaking Incubators, INFORS Thermotron High Temperature
Shaking Incubators, Quiet Compact IST-3075, IST-4075, Refrigerated IST-3075R and IST-4075R
Shaking Incubators, the Multitron Standard Stackable Shaking Incubators
Spin-Mix-Spin Centrifuge-Vortexers, the Fugamix CM-70M and CM-50M Series
Temperature Controlled Vortexers, the MultiTherm H5000 Series
Tube Mixers, 5 and 10 Roller Gentle Rocking TubeRollers
Tube Mixers, Digital Circular and Rotisserie Rotators
Tube Mixers, the MX-T6-S Analog Tube Roller and MX-T6-Pro Digital Tube Roller
Ultra-Turrax® IKA Disperser Elements, Generators and Tools Only, for T 10, T 18, T 25, T 50, T65 Dispersers
Ultra-Turrax® T 10 Basic Disperser, part of the Ultra-Turrax® family of high performance dispersers
Ultra-Turrax® T 50 Digital Disperser, part of the Ultra-Turrax® family of High Performance Dispersers
Vortex Mixer, the IKA VXR Basic Vibrax Small Shaker
Vortex Mixers, All in One Variable Speed Rotators and Multiple Tube Mixers, the Elmi Intelli-Mixer RM-2M and RM-2L
Vortex Mixers, Eco MX-M, IKA MS 3 Digital and IKA MS 3 Basic Microplate and Tube Shakers
Vortex Mixers, Fixed Speed MX-F and MX-E, Variable Speed MX-S, FineVortex 4S and BenchMixer BV1000
Vortex Mixers, Mortexer with Versatile Multi-Head
Vortex Mixers, Simple, Basic and Handy Elmi V-3
Vortex Mixers, Vortex Mixers and Heaters, Confido S20, S20H, S202, S202H for Microwell Plates, S50, S50H for 15 and 50 mL Conical Tubes
Vortex Mixers, the Versatile VX-200
Vortex Mixers, the Vornado Miniature
Waver Shaker MW-23, 2D and 3D Orbital Motion, and MW-WB Hybridization Water Bath