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Incubators, CO2 Models NB-203, NB-203XL and NB-203XXL


The Models NB-203, NB-203XL and NB-203XXL CO2 incubators are ideal for tasks such as the cultivation of animal cells, sperm or ovum, anaerobic cells, microbe cells, hatching or germinating and special tissues.

Electric heaters cover all sides of chamber for stable uniformity and to provide fast heat-up and temperature recovery. Three regions of the heating section are controlled and calibrated individually by three temperature sensors. Water tray at bottom and circulating fan deliver humidity.

A dual beam IR CO2 sensor precisely detects carbon dioxide levels under varying conditions of temperature and humidity.

A variety of sterilization options is offered including UV, hot air and fast, highly effective plasma sterilization.

Features of the NB-203, 203XL and NB-203XXL CO2 incubators:
  • Six sided heating of chamber
  • No condensation in chamber or on door
  • Well insulated with air jacket
  • Dual beam IR CO2 sensor for precise detection
  • Humidification using bottom water tray
  • Microprocessor PID control
  • Sterilization options available include UV, hot air (125 °C) and plasma
  • Oxygen control option available

Specifications (Click here):  Incubators, CO2 Models NB-203, NB-203XL and NB-203XXL

NumberDescriptionPrice $
NB-203 Mini CO2Incubator NB-203, stackable, 42 Liter capacity, 110 V, 60Hz
NB-203XL Large CO2Incubator NB-203XL, stackable, 179 Liter capacity, 110 V, 60Hz
NB-203XXL Extra Large CO2Incubator NB-203XXL, 850 Liter capacity, 110 Volt, 60Hz
203-ING 5-Divided inner glass doors for NB-203 900.00
203XL-ING 6-Divided inner glass doors for NB-203XL 1,260.00
203-HOLE Access port 180.00
203-UV UV-Sterilization, 400 – 450 nm, sterilizes air as it passes fan 945.00
203-HEPA HEPA Filter 540.00
203-REG CO2Regulator
203-ANL CO2Analyzer
203-O2 Oxygen control option (1.0% ~ 19% or 20% ~ 99%), galvanic sensor 2,743.00
203-125 Hot air sterilization at 125ºC for NB-203 1,884.40
203XL-125 Hot air sterilization at 125ºC for NB-203-XL 2,043.00
203-PL PLASMA Sterilization, quickly and effectively sterilizes with plasma, the same technique used for surgical instruments 1,337.40
203-SH Extra shelf for NB-203
203XL-SH Extra shelf for NB-203XL
203-112 Stacking kit for NB-203 and NB-203XL 162.00
203-113 Humidity display 576.00
203-114 Castor base tray for mounting roller base on NB-203XL
203-COPPER Copper interior for NB-203 CO2incubator 1,460.00
203XL-COPPER Copper interior for NB-203XL CO2incubator 2,845.00