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Table Top High Speed Cooled Micro Centrifuge, the GZ-1848R


The GZ-1848R delivers the highest RPM and RCF among micro-centrifuges with fixed angle rotors reaching 18,000 rpm and swing out rotors reaching 13,000 rpm.

The GZ-1848R high speed micro centrifuge extends functionality to include 0.2mL tubes, 1.5/2.0 mL tubes, 5.0 mL tubes as well as commonly used 15mL and 50mL conical tubes and microtiter plates.

The GZ-1848R is refrigerated and could be equipped with up to 9 Easy-Lock rotors. It also has a small footprint of 380mm x 654mm and incorporates an invert compressor for very quiet operation and high efficiency.

In a rapidly changing research environment GZ-1848 offers enormous flexibility, high performance, and an attractive price.

Features of the Model GZ-1848R Cooled Micro Centrifuge:
  • Faster with higher RCF
  • For use with 0.5 mL to 50 mL conical tubes as well as microtiter plates
  • Select up to 7 fixed angle rotors and 2 swing-out rotors
  • Special Easy-Lock rotor for quick removal and insertion (for micro rotors)
  • Separate PULSE key for quick spin
  • Fast cool function
  • Small footprint
  • Quiet and efficient operation

Specifications (Click here):  Table Top High Speed Cooled Micro Centrifuge, the GZ-1848R

NumberDescriptionPrice $
GZ1848R-110 GZ-1848R Table-Top Refrigerated Micro-centrifuge, 110 V
GZ1848R-220 GZ-1848R Table-Top Refrigerated Micro-centrifuge, 220-230 V 7,450.00
GRF-M-c50-8 GRF-M-c50-8 Fixed angle rotor for 8 x 50 mL conical tubes, maximum speed/RCF: 8,500 rpm / 8,893 xg 2,345.00
FAR-50C8 GRF-M-50-/c15-4/4 Fixed angle rotor for 4 x 50 mL and 4 x 15 mL conical tubes, maximum speed/RCF: 8,500 rpm / 8,893 xg
FAR-12C-15 GRF-M-c15-12 Fixed angle rotor for 12 x 15 mL conical tubes, maximum speed/RCF: 8,500 rpm / 9,144 xg
FAR-20C-5 GRE-M-m5.0-20 Fixed angle rotor for 20 x 5 mL centrifuge tubes, maximum speed/RCF: 13,000 rpm / 20,595 xg
FAR-MCT-48 GRE-M-m2.0-48 Fixed angle rotor for 48 x 1.5-2.0 mL centrifuge tubes, maximum speed/RCF: 13,000 rpm / 18,479 xg
FAR-MCT-24 GRE-M-m2.0-24 Fixed angle rotor for 24 x 1.5 – 2.0 mL centrifuge tubes, maximum speed/RCF: 18,000 rpm / 30,356 xg
FAR-PCR-64 GRE-M-s0.2-64 Fixed angle rotor for 8x8 strip tubes of 0.2mL, maximum speed/RCF: 12,500 rpm / 11,722 xg
SR-MCT-24 GRD-M-m2.0-24 Swing-Out Drum Rotor for 24 x 1.5/2.0 mL tubes, maximum speed / RCF: 13000 rpm / 16,438 xg
SR-MTP-4 GRD-M-mw-2 Swing-Out Drum Rotor for 4 MTP (microtiter plates), maximum speed/RCF: 5,750 rpm / 3,050 xg
GLB-m2.0-4(16) Bucket for GTD-m-m2.0-24, each bucket holds 5 x 2.0 mL MCT, rotor holds a maximum of 6 buckets 120.00
GLP-mw(mw-2) Micro-plate Holder/Bucket for GRD-M-mw-2 Rotor, set of 2 2,150.00