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CF-10 Pro-Micro-Centrifuges, Class 1 Medical Device Certified and MaXpin C-12mt Micro-centrifuge
Centrifuges, the Compact and Versatile CM-6MT and the Powerful High Speed CM-50
Micro Centrifuge 13,500 rpm 12 Tube Rotor, the Mini 1312M MidiFuge
Micro Centrifuge 15,000 rpm 24 Tube Rotor High Speed Model 1524
Micro Centrifuge 17,000 rpm Refrigerated High Speed Model 1730R
Micro Centrifuges, MC-24 Touch with 13,500 rpm, MyFuge™ Mini with 6,000 rpm 8 Tube Rotor and MyFuge™ 12 with 5,500 rpm 12 Tube CombiRotor
Mini Centrifuges, StripSpin™ 12 Rotor Holds 4 × 12 - Position PCR Tube Strips, 5500 rpm
Spin-Mix-Spin Centrifuge-Vortexers, the Fugamix CM-70M and CM-50M Series
Table Top High Speed Cooled Micro Centrifuge, the GZ-1848R