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Titrators, Titronic Basic Manual Motor Driven Burette


The Schott Titronic Basic Manual Titration Burette is the perfect alternative to conventional glass burettes and bottletop titrators. Titrations can be performed by the click of a button with a digital readout of volume. Equipped with a motor driven piston burette, manual titrations can be performed with greater precision and accuracy.

The Titronic Manual Titrator comes complete with a 20 mL burette, magnetic stirrer, mouse, titration tip, holder and reagent reservoir.

Features of the Schott Titronic Basic Manual Titrator:
  • Easy to use, just press the button
  • Integrated 20 mL dosing unit, fills automatically
  • High precision borosilicate glass cylinder and automatic valve guarantee accuracy
  • Magnetic stirrer directly connected to burette
  • Easy to read LCD screen
  • RS252C port for printer or computer connection
  • Motor driven control valve enables unpressurized suction and dosing, no production of gas during the filling of the cylinder

Specifications (Click here):  Titrators, Titronic Basic Manual Motor Driven Burette

NumberDescriptionPrice $
285212815 Titronic® Basic module 2 Manual Titration Burette, with magnetic stirrer TM 96, 20 mL dosing unit with tubes, titration tip holder, stand rod, hand control element (mouse) and reagent reservoir, 115 V, 50/60 Hz Inquire
285221055 TZ 2005 Bottle top adapter GL 45 Inquire
285221088 TZ 2008 Bottle top adapter S 40 Inquire
285221047 TZ 2004 Bottle top adapter GL 45, with 1 L brown reagent bottle Inquire