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Pipette Controller, Socorex Manual Profiller 435 and 436


Profiller Manual 435 and 436 pipette controllers are robust, light-weight, ergonomic and easy to use. They provide smooth control in both aspirating and dispensing, using glass or plastic pipettes of volume up to 100 mL.

Features and Benefits of the Profiler 435 and 436:
  • Large capacity bulbs
  • Soft action lever button
  • Efficient blow-out system
  • Interchangeable hydrophobic PTFE protection membrane filter
  • Maintenance free
  • Alternative color-coded nose cones
NumberDescriptionPrice $
435.100 Socorex Profiller™ Manual 435 pipette controller, egg style with grey bulb 165.83
436.100 Socorex Profiller™ Manual 436 pipette controller, flat shaped with blue bulb 203.95
322.435 Spare hydrophobic PTFE membrane filter, 0.45 µm, pkg/5
322.400 Spare hydrophobic PTFE Membrane filter, 0.2 µm, pkg/5 33.24
1.435.01 Spare silicone pipette holder, conical shape of holder tightly fits graduated glass or plastic pipettes, autoclavable.
1.435.02 Replacement nose cone, white, pkg/5 50.14
1.435.03 Alternative nose cones for individual, laboratory or department identification, one each of pink, violet and green, pkg/3