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IKA C-Mag Series Hot Plate Stirrers (HS), the HS 4, HS 7 and HS 10
IKA C-Mag Series Magnetic Stirrers (MS), the MS 4, MS 7, and MS 10
IKA Hot Plate Stirrers, IKA RCT Basic, RET Basic and RET Control Visc, Safety Control
Magnetic Stirrers, the IKA Topolino and the IKA Topolino Mobil Portable
Stir Bars, Angled Vane, Half Round Semicircular, Tapered Half Round Semicircular, Balancing Ring, Finned, and Double Finned
Stir Bars, Pyrex Glass, High Torque, Long Lasting, Spectrophotometer Cuvette, Protective Capsule and Centering Beaker with Cover
Stir Bars, Sink Strainers, Stir Bar Arrester, Stir Bar Restrainer, Stir Bar Storage Garage, Stir Paddle
Stir Bars, Spinbar® Octagon, Round, Polygon, Flea Micro, Egg Shaped (Oval) and Disposable
Stir Bars, Star Shape, Cross Shape, Triangular, Saturn, Barbell, and Floating Iman