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Overhead Stirrer, Portable Model 1540 Crossover, for stand or large container mounting
Overhead Stirrers, CAT Standard Laboratory R80D, R80D-PC. R50, R50D and R18
Overhead Stirrers, Electronically Controlled Eurostar 100, 200, Digital or Digital Control, and Eurostar 200 P4 Digital Control
Overhead Stirrers, Electronically Controlled Eurostar 20, 40, 60 Digital, Eurostar 20 High Speed and Eurostar 60 Digital Control
Overhead Stirrers, Laboratory to Pilot plant, CAT R100 Power Series
Overhead Stirrers, Mechanically Controlled RW 20 Digital and RW 28 Basic Laboratory
Overhead Stirrers, Mechanically Controlled RW 47 D Digital Heavy Duty
Overhead Stirrers, Small R14 and the Battery Powered Handheld R1
Overhead stirrers, the OS40-Pro LCD, OS20-Pro LCD, OS40-S LED and OS20-S LED
Ultra-Turrax® IKA Disperser Elements, Generators and Tools Only, for T 10, T 18, T 25, T 50, T65 Dispersers
Ultra-Turrax® T 50 Digital Disperser, part of the Ultra-Turrax® family of High Performance Dispersers