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Kneader, the IKA HKD-T 06 D Laboratory High Performance Kneader


The IKA HKD-T 06 D laboratory high performance kneader is for mixing tough, non-flowing, highly viscous media.

Uniform mixing is achieved with intensive processing by means of wide-bladed kneading elements.

The kneading medium is moved within the trough both horizontally and vertically. Additional media quantities may be added during the kneading operation.

The doubled walled kneading chamber allows for efficient cooling or heating of the material being kneaded. The product temperature may be measured and monitored directly behind the kneading blades.

HKD-T 06 D Features:
  • Trough and kneading blades can easily be removed
  • Short kneading time
  • The narrow gap between the kneading blades and trough wall ensures efficient wipe-off
  • Equipped for vacuum operation
  • Trough cover with inspection glass and safety screen

HKD-T 06 D Laboratory Kneader
LT 6 Control Circulation Thermostat Features:
  • Programmable thermostat for sophisticated tempering tasks up to 300 °C.
  • Temperature manually adjustable or controllable by a PC
  • Suitable for technical procedure experiments with laboratory kneaders or with lab reactors
  • Direct temperature control in external vessels is possible
  • Delivery includes two 1 m Viton hoses, diameter 10 mm, maximum temperature 180 °C

LT 6 Control Circulation
VC 2 Vacuum Controller Features:
  • Efficiently create a controlled partial vacuum in laboratory applications using equipment such as kneaders or rotary evaporators
  • Solvent recovery rates of up to 99% are possible if rotary evaporators are used
  • Microprocessor controlled

VC 2 Vacuum Controller
DTM 12 Digital Temperature Measurement Instrument Features:
  • For measuring temperatures between -200 °C and +400 °C
  • LED display
  • Analog output, 1 °C = 1 mV
  • Almemo interface for PC connection
  • Almemo sensor connection
  • pH electrode and other measuring parameters such as conductivity are available on request

DTM 12 Digital Temperature
Measurement Instrument
HKD 06.2 Plunger Features:
  • Double walled plunger seat, for heating and cooling
  • Presses down the kneading material by means of spring-action, improving heat conduction
  • Central supply opening can be closed with a plunger
  • Not suitable for vacuum operation

HKD 06.2 Plunger

Specifications (Click here):  Kneader, the IKA HKD-T 06 D Laboratory High Performance Kneader

NumberDescriptionPrice $
1911803 HKD-T 06 D IKA High-Performance Laboratory Kneader Inquire
3036100 LT 6 Control Circulation Thermostat, W×D×H 230 × 365 × 405 mm, temperature range 60 - 300 °C, with water cooling 20 - 300 °C working temperature, 2000 W, 500 mbar maximum delivery pressure Inquire
2300000 VC 2 IKAVAC® Vacuum Controller Inquire
3113200 DTM 12 IKATRON® Digital Temperature Measuring Instrument Inquire
3122500 PT 100.27 Temperature sensor specially designed for the HKD-T 0.6 D, with screw joint.
2611500 PT 100.7 Temperature sensor Inquire
3134800 HKD 06.10 Kneading Blade, special lined front kneading blade for viscous elastic products to prevent dead zones, an alternative to the standard kneading blade.
2936000 HKD 06.2 Plunger Inquire