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Conductivity and TDS Meter, the CD-2005 Bench Top
Flocculators, Laboratory Flocumatic and Portable Jartest
Homogenizers, Solid Mixers VS-5 and VS-8
Laboratory Aids, Clamps - Bosshead Clamps and Lattice Connectors
Laboratory Aids, Laboratory Jacks – Aluminum Base or All Stainless Steel
Orbital Shakers, the AG-200 Petri Dish Shaker
Paraffin Baths, the Termofin Histology Paraffin Section Mounting Bath
Paraffin Wax Dispenser, Heated Tap
Refractometers, C-1 (Salinity and Density), C-2, C-3, C-4, C-5 (Sugar Concentration), and Dual Scale C-6 (Clinical)
Refractometers, the ABBE 2WAJ and the Digital ABBE WAY-2S
Refractometers, the Digital Portable NR-151 (Brix and Refractive Index) and NR-101 (Brix, Refractive Index and Salinity)
Rocking Mixer, the Vibromatic Wrist Type Shaker
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Ultrasonic Pipet Washer, the Ultrasons-P
Vacuum Desiccator, Heated Vacuo-Temp
Water and Oil Baths, the Precisbat 200 °C, 2, 4, or 6 Position
Water and Oil Baths, the Termobat 110 °C or 200 °C, for Rotary Evaporators or Stand Alone Use