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Gel Dryers, the RapiDry AE-3711 Mini


The RapiDry Mini AE-3711 Gel Dryer has a 20 × 19 cm gel drying area and features heating in both the lid and the base, to increase the speed of drying and to insure even heat distribution.

The RapiDry Gel Dryers dry gel after electrophoresis into a sheet formed in the process of polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis. They dry gel dyed with pigment to store as a specimen or dry RI labeled samples for RI detection of post electrophoresis gel.

For vacuum a diaphragm vacuum pump (oil free, all Teflon) and a cold trap to protect the pump are recommended. Contact Rose Scientific for suitable choices.

Features of the RapidDry Mini AE-3711 Gel Dryer:
  • Two sided heating greatly accelerates work
  • Simultaneously process 4 Mini Slab Gels
  • Three Heat Ramps at 1, 2 or 4 ºC per minute
  • Simple and easy operation

Specifications (Click here):  Gel Dryers, the RapiDry AE-3711 Mini

NumberDescriptionPrice $
2385211 AE-3711 RapiDry Mini Gel Dryer, 110V, 60 Hz, Includes 1 Seal Cover, 1 Porous Sheet and 1 Support Screen
2398005 Seal Cover, AE-3711 78.24
2398006 Seal Covers. AE-3711, pkg/2 129.10
2398008 Porous Sheets, AE-3711, pkg/3 78.24
2398009 Support Screen, AE-3711 103.67
2398038 24 × 23 cm Precut Cellophane, pkg/500 107.58
2398790 7-13 mm Hose, 2 Meter 125.18
2391107 Long Fuses, 5A, pkg/5 21.52
2398010 Intake Nozzle for AE-3711 46.94
2398138 Seal Cover for AE-3750 221.03
2398139 Porous Sheet for AE-3750 129.10
2398146 Porous Sheets for AE-3750, pkg/3 361.86
2398140 Support Screen for AE-3750 311.00
2391118 Long Fuses, 10A, pkg/5 39.75