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Waver Shaker MW-23, 2D and 3D Orbital Motion, and MW-WB Hybridization Water Bath


The BenchBlotter MW-23 Waver Shaker offers the optimal movements needed for multiple staining and washing involved in gel, blotting and microscopy, and immuno-staining applications. Its combination of vertical and horizontal orbital motion provides more rapid exchange of solvents and better mixing efficiency.

A water bath is offered as an optional item that could be placed on top of the MW-23 platform to perform wet hybridization or to provide an inexpensive shaking water bath for the laboratory.

The water bath is a digitally controlled instrument equipped with a RS 232 port for data logging. The MW-WB Water Bath provides the temperature uniformity that hybridization processes require.

MW-23 Waver Shaker

Features of the MW-23 Waver Shaker:
  • Adjustable speed from 5 to 100 rpm
  • Continuous or timed operation
  • Ideal for routine blotting, staining and destaining, hybridization
  • Large 33 cm x 33 cm platform
  • Heavy load capacity, 15 kg
  • Adjustable platform angle
  • Brushless DC motor
  • Digital setting and display

MW-23 Waver Shaker, with MW-WB Water Bath

Features of the MW-WB Water Bath:
  • Water Bath with stainless steel tank
  • Bath lid material transparent acrylic and stainless steel
  • Digital control, data logging
  • Hybridization bath
  • Waver Shaker and Water Bath can also serve as a general laboratory shaking water bath
Specifications (Click here):  Waver Shaker MW-23, 2D and 3D Orbital Motion, and MW-WB Hybridization Water Bath

NumberDescriptionPrice $
MW-23 BenchBlotter Platform Rocker Waver Shaker, with non-slip flat mat
MW-Dimpled-33 Dimpled Mat, 33 cm x 33 cm 47.20
MW-WB-110 Water bath with Lid 2.8 L capacity
MW-23-WB-110 BenchBlotter Platform Rocker Waver Shaker with Hybridization Water Bath and Lid