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Silent Crusher S Homogenizer


The Silent Crusher S homogenizer is the first choice for disruption of tissue in Biotechnology, for sample preparation in medicine, for enzymatic treatment in food industry and for various applications in pharmaceutical, cosmetic, paint and lacquer industry and petrochemistry.

Unlike other homogenizer brands that operate at 85 dB, the Silent Crusher line features an average noise level of 35 dB, eliminating the need of ear protection.

Silent Crusher S Homogenizer
Features of the Silent Crusher S Homogenizer:
  • Superior magnetic drive-less technology
  • True maintenance free magnet coil drive
  • Smooth operation as a result of no motor and no mechanical couplings
  • Extremely low noise
  • Drive unit perfect for clean room applications because there is no fan
  • Simple to operate: homogenizer starts automatically as soon as the tool is placed in the drive unit
  • Speed range of 75,000 rpm
  • Dispersing volumes from 0.8 to 10 mL
  • Range viscosity from 1 to 5,000 mPa s
  • Choice of 3 different tools from 3mm to 7mm Ø
  • Safe investment with Heidolph’s 3 year warranty

Silent Crusher S Homogenizer Tools

The tools for homogenizing and suspending of small samples. Tools are easy to attach and clean while changing samples. All tools are made of stainless steel (AISI 316TI) and can be sterilized. Tool attachments are made of PTFE to guarantee optimal chemical resistance. Every tool comes with 10 Replacement Vessels as standard (material: polypropylene).
Tool 3F Tool 5F Tool 7F

Specifications (Click here):  Silent Crusher S Homogenizer

NumberDescriptionPrice $
595-05000-00 Silent Crusher S Homogenizer (without any generators) 1,550.15
596-03010-00 Homogenizer Tool Silent Crusher S - 3 F 1,425.99
596-05010-00 Homogenizer Tool Silent Crusher S - 5 F 1,425.99
596-07010-00 Homogenizer Tool Silent Crusher S - 7 F 1,425.99
596-00003-00 Replacement Vessel for Tool 3 F, polypropylene, pkg/100
596-00005-00 Replacement Vessel for Tool 5 F, polypropylene, pkg/100
596-00007-00 Replacement Vessel for Tool 7 F, polypropylene, pkg/100