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Ultrasonic Homogenizer System with Digital Controls and Display CY-500


The powerful CY-500 ultrasonic homogenizer can be programmed to control cycle times, impulse intervals, maximum power and temperature.

For use in a wide variety of applications in laboratories devoted to biology, chemistry, environmental studies, general analysis or many other purposes.

The strong homogenizing action allows disintegration of cells and biological tissues, DNA protein extraction, ether hydrolysis RNA, reaction output acceleration and increase, earth and sediment treatment according to EPA methods, quality control, R & D, sample gas removal, dissolution and homogenization, emulsion, dispersion, liposomes formation, proteins micro-encapsulation and has many other applications.
Features of the CY-500 Ultrasonic Homogenizer:
  • Separate control unit
  • Cycle time, impulse intervals, maximum power and temperature are programmable
  • Up to 10 programs can be stored
  • Titanium probe, 5.6 mm OD x 60 mm height
  • Probe and connector for the sample temperature control
  • Includes retort stand and adjustable clamp, maximum height 44 cm
  • Optional anti-noise cabin with transparent door protects from high noises

CY-500 Homogenizer System

Specifications (Click here):  Ultrasonic Homogenizer System with Digital Controls and Display CY-500

NumberDescriptionPrice $
5059600 CY-500 Ultrasonic Homogenizer System, 115 Volt, 60Hz, complete system with a ¼” titanium probe, adjustable height, support rod and stand, includes Microprocessor Control Unit for display of parameters, cycle time programming, impulse intervals
5059601 Sound isolation/dampening box with transparent door for viewing of experiments
5059602 Ultrasonic Probe (Titanium), 1/8”, suitable for volume range of 0.5 to 400 mL 988.25
5059603 Ultrasonic Probe (Titanium), 3/8”, suitable for volume range of 20 to 600 mL 988.25