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Balances, Precision PS X2 Series with Automatic Internal Calibration, 360 g to 10,100 g Capacities


The PS.X2 series represents a new advanced level for analytical balances.

Precision PS X2 Series balances with automatic internal calibration are available in a range of 7 sizes, from 360 grams to high capacities up to 10.1 kilos.

The Precision X2 series balances feature the latest generation touch sensitive capacitive display, providing the maximum ease of operation. A clear menu and practical arrangement of the display guarantee the best ergonomics for everyday tasks. A wide array of available interfaces facilitates selection of the most optimal means for communication. The X2 series balances offer unlimited possibilities for cooperation with external devices, providing printing, copying, archiving and data transfer.

Built-in IR sensors allow numerous operations (e.g. tarring, transmitting the result to a printer or selecting successive steps of a particular process) to be performed hands-free, by simply moving a hand across the sensor.

In the PS X2 series balances the information system is based on 8 databases, which allows several users to work with databases storing several products. Up to 100 users can be accommodated, along with up to 5,000 products and 50,000 weighings.

The X2 is the only balance series available on the market that provides a user with the option to design a custom display using a wide selection of widgets.

Features of the Precision PS X2 Balances:
  • Reliable results and high measurement precision
  • Weigh heavy loads with maximum accuracy
  • Modern, customizable interface, very easy to use
  • Automatic internal calibration
  • Touch-free operation
  • Many networking and communication options
  • Robust data management

Specifications (Click here):  Balances, Precision PS X2 Series with Automatic Internal Calibration, 360 g to 10,100 g Capacities

NumberDescriptionPrice $
PS 360.X2 PS 360.X2 Precision Top Loading Balance, 360 g, 0.001 g Readability, Automatic internal calibration
PS 1000.X2 PS 1000.X2 Precision Top Loading Balance, 1000 g, 0.0015 g Readability, Automatic internal calibration
PS 4500.X2 PS 4500.X2 Precision Top Loading Balance, 4500 g, 0.01 g Readability, Automatic internal calibration
PS 6000.X2 PS 6000.X2 Precision Top Loading Balance, 6000 g, 0.015 g Readability, Automatic internal calibration2,788.80
PS 6100.X2 PS 6100.X2 Precision Top Loading Balance, 6100 g, 0.01 g Readability, Automatic internal calibration3,134.88
PS 8100.X2 P PS 8100.X2 recision Top Loading Balance, 8100 g, 0.01 g Readability, Automatic internal calibration3,491.04
PS 10100.X2 PS 10100.X2 Precision Top Loading Balance, 10,100 g, 0.01 g Readability, Automatic internal calibration3,884.16