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Microplate Washers, the Gravity Fed BioWasher 100 and the Semi-automatic BioWasher 200


The Rocker Scientific BioWasher 100 is an economical manual washer that utilizes gravity to provide fluid flow for washing immunoassays in 96-well microplates, ELISA procedures or similar applications.

The BioWasher 200 is a very efficient semi-automatic washer. Ideal and economic solution for ELISA washing or 96-well microplate washing and dispensing.

The uniquely designed plate base of the BioWasher 100 or BioWasher 200 can accept flexible placement of 96-well microplates in either a flat or upward-sloping way. The 8-channel dispenser on each BioWasher has 2 stainless steel rows, one for washing solution and the other for waste liquid, so the opportunity for cross contamination is reduced. The main body of the dispenser is made of PTFE and the units are autoclavable.
Features of the Gravity Fed BioWasher 100 and the Semi-automatic BioWasher 200:
  • Economic solutions for limited budgets
  • Little chance of cross contamination with dispenser of two row design
  • Autoclavable 8-channel dispenser
  • Uniquely designed platform can hold 96-well microplate level or inclined (to reduce residues more efficiently)
  • Buffer bottles (2L, 4L)) and waste bottle (2L) are available separately
Specifications (Click here):  Microplate Washers, the Gravity Fed BioWasher 100 and the Semi-automatic BioWasher 200

NumberDescriptionPrice $
196100-11(22) BioWasher 100 Gravity-fed Microplate Washer, includes 8 channel dispenser and plate base
196200-11(22) BioWasher 200 Semi-automatic Microplate Washer, 110V, 60Hz, Waste and Buffer bottles sold separately
196811-00 8-channcl Dispenser 365.00
196100-04 Waste Bottle, 2 liter
196100-06 Buffer bottle, 2 liter 101.40
196100-05 Buffer bottle, 4 liter
196100-02 Microplate plate 159.50