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Julabo Forcing Test Refrigerated/Heating Circulator Bath F38-ME


The specific job of the Forcing Test Refrigerated/Heating Circulating Bath F38-ME is to simulate the beer aging process to determine a “best before” date for bottled beer.

The Julabo Forcing Test Refrigerated/Heating Circulator Bath is employed with a photometer. The beer is aged under a programed temperature cycle treatment that is repeated until clouding is observed.

The forcing test is one of the most reliable methods for determining the durability of bottled beer.

First a cloudiness test is done with the photometer at room temperature. Afterwards the beer bottles are placed in the bath of the F38-ME and heated for one day, then cooled for one day. The cycle is repeated and the clouding is observed and recorded.

The Julabo F38-ME is the standard that is used by breweries around the world that are famous for their bottled beer.
Features of the Forcing Test Bath F38-ME:
  • High temperature stability guarantees exact and repeatable measurement results
  • Built in counter for temperature cycles
  • Quick heat-up and cool-down times
  • Large bath opening for 20 0.5 liter bottles of beer
  • Temperature and time-dependent test ramps according to forcing test already pre-programmed
  • Integrated programmer for 10 program steps
  • Early warning system for low liquid level
  • Electronically adjustable pump stages
  • PID3 cascade temperature control
  • ATC3 3-point calibration
  • Pt100 external sensor connection for measurement and control
  • RS232 interface for PC communication
Specifications (Click here):  Julabo Forcing Test Refrigerated/Heating Circulator Bath F38-ME

NumberDescriptionPrice $
9162638 Julabo Forcing Test Refrigerated/Heating Circulator Bath F38-ME, with stainless steel insert basket for 20 × 0.5L bottles and plexiglass bath cover Inquire