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Centrifugal Vacuum Evaporator and Concentrator, the Compact Micro-CenVac


The Micro-CenVac is a compact size centrifugal vacuum evaporation and concentration system with IR heating designed to concentrate DNA or RNA. An infra-red emitting glass lid insures uniform and rapid concentration of samples via heat transfer under vacuum conditions.. Ideal for molecular biology, proteomics, genomics, genetics, cell biology and drug discovery laboratories.

Quiet and clean brushless DC motor. Vacuum exhaust port at top of shaft for low contamination. Vacuum pump has a maximum of 100 mbar and can be connected to another booster pump for higher vacuum rate,

A choice of 4 rotors is available for most commonly used tubes

Features of the Micro-CenVac vacuum evaporator and concentrator:
  • Vacuum pump and glass trap integrated into the system, making it very compact and portable
  • Transparent infrared lid heater heats samples faster under vacuum conditions and allows visual access
  • Real Scope offers easy sample check without stopping spin or opening the lid (tubes appear to be fixed)
  • Quiet and clean brushless DC motor with magnetic induction drive
  • Teflon coated chamber and oil free diaphragm pump
  • Selectable rpm can be changed while spinning
  • Large bright LED display of temperature and timer count
  • Standby function allows for preheating
  • Contamination and sample loss minimized with vacuum exhaust port at top of shaft
  • Optional 2 liter cold trap or Pelletier trap (-20°C) available

Specifications (Click here):  Centrifugal Vacuum Evaporator and Concentrator, the Compact Micro-CenVac

NumberDescriptionPrice $
NB-503CIR Micro-CenVac Centrifugal Evaporation and Concentration System
RO-1.5-24 Angle Rotor for 24 × 1.5 mL Micro-centrifuge Tubes
RO-30-08 Angle Rotor for 8 × 30 mL Tubes
RO-15-12 Angle Rotor for 12 × 15 mL Tubes
RO-10-16 Angle Rotor for 16 × 10 mL Tubes
RS-01 Real Scope to check residual quantity without opening the lid