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Microbalances, Series MYA 4Y Dual Range


The MYA 4Y Microbalance Series is designed to meet the highest requirements for determination of mass. Measurement reliability and accuracy are maintained by a system of automatic internal calibration.

The MYA 4Y microbalances have two major separately enclosed components, an electronic module and a precise mechanical measuring system. Heat from electronic components has no influence on the mechanical components, nor do shocks or vibrations caused by users operating the instrument.

All the elements of a microbalance are made of glass and steel, to eliminate any impact of electrostatics on the weighing process.

A range of models is available with capacities from 2.1 to 52 grams, including the Dual Range models MYA 0.8-3.4Y, MYA 11-52.4Y and MYA 21-52.4Y.

Fast operation and shorter stabilization times, memory for more data management, USP conformity, potential for wireless communication and remote operation, ALIBI memory for data safety, all contribute to the MYA 4Y setting unmatched standards for quality and operation.

Features of the Series MYA 4Y Microbalances:
  • High quality European Manufacture
  • High standards of weighing accuracy and repeatability
  • Wireless communication can make it possible to operate the balances in laminar airflow cabinets
  • Feature ALIBI memory to provide protection and automatic recording of measurements

Specifications (Click here):  Microbalances, Series MYA 4Y Dual Range

NumberDescriptionPrice $
MYA 0.8-3.4Y MYA 0.8/3.4Y Dual Range, 0.8 g capacity and 1µg readability or 3 g capacity and 10µg readability
MYA 11-52.4Y MYA 11/52.4Y Dual Range, 11 g capacity and 1µg readability or 52 g capacity and 10µg readability
MYA 21-52.4Y MYA 21/52.4Y Dual Range, 21 g capacity and 1µg readability or 52 g capacity and 10µg readability
MYA 2.4Y MYA 2.4Y Microbalance, 2.1 g capacity, 1µg readability 22,582.56
MYA 5.4Y MYA 5.4Y Microbalance, 5.1 g capacity, 1µg readability 25,351.20
MYA 11.4Y MYA 11.4Y Microbalance, 11 g capacity, 1µg readability 27,600.72
MYA 21.4Y MYA 21.4Y Microbalance, 21 g capacity, 1µg readability 29,416.80
MYA 31.4Y MYA 31.4Y Microbalance, 31 g capacity, 1µg readability 40,145.28
MYA 52.4Y MYA 52.4Y Microbalance, 52 g with 1µg readability Inquire
SALH SAL/H Anti-vibration Table, designed to provide the greatest possible measurement stability, eliminating both ground vibrations and vibrations created in balance operation, stainless steel, W×D×H 770×650×815 mm, granite surface 270×410×115 mm
DJ-04 Anti-static Ionizer, to remove an unbalance of plus and minus ions in the air that can cause unwanted electrostatic influences on repeatability or as multiplied error of indications, particularly when dealing with non-conducting materials such as plastic or glass that are either part of a balance itself or in sample materials, compatible with XA and AS series
PSW Suitable for microbalances, analytical balances, or pipette calibration this weighing station has two elements, a table with locker and an anti-vibration table, granite top 410 x 270 x 115 mm, overall dimensions 1100 x 750 x 1070 mm, provisions for computer, mouse, keyboard, monitor, uninterruptible power supply or power strip
RWB Remote wireless balance control and display panels