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Shaking Incubators, BIS-1, BIS-2 and BIS-3


These are ideal Shaking Incubators for cell culturing, cell aeration, and solubility studies. In addition to stable temperature conditions, they use an orbital agitation at variable speeds to affect the growth of cell cultures.

Auto off and alarm occurs when the real shaking speed is 10% different from setting value, and the motor will stop automatically. PID controller provides accurate speed and temperature with timed runs. Speed controller ensures smooth start/stop, which prevents liquid spill that may damage the equipment or possibly ruin experiments.

Three sizes of platform and volume available, BIS-1, BIS-2 and BIS-3.

Two Stacked ILP-02 Incubators
Features of the BIS Shaking Incubators:
  • Smooth start / stop system prevents liquid spillage
  • PID microprocessor controls temperature, shaking speed, and timing
  • Auto-controller regulates fan speed to control air flow
  • Temperature-limiting alarm system, auto switch off when over-temperature
  • High efficiency filter provides filtration of bacteria and dust
  • Safety door switch, auto pause operation when door is opened
  • DC motor provides long term reliability
  • Stainless-steel and easy to clean platform
  • Large number of accessories (platforms, tube-racks, and flask clamps) to accommodate various needs
  • Three sizes available, BIS-1, BIS-2 and BIS-3

Specifications (Click here):  Shaking Incubators, BIS-1, BIS-2 and BIS-3

NumberDescriptionPrice $
BS1511U BIS-1 Shaking Incubator with 250×250mm Platform
P30116 Universal Platform (250×250mm) for BIS-1 to use with Flask Clamps, Tiltable Tube Racks
BS1512U BIS-2 Shaking Incubator with 350×350mm Platform
P30117 Universal Platform (350×350mm) for BIS-2 to use with Flask Clamps, Tiltable Tube Racks
BS1513U BIS-3 Shaking Incubator with 450×450mm Platform
P30118 Universal Platform (450×450mm) for BIS-3 to use with Flask Clamps. Tiltable Tube Racks
P33072 Stainless Steel Flask Clamp, 50mL
P33073 Stainless Steel Flask Clamp, 100mL 240.00
P33074 Stainless Steel Flask Clamp, 250mL 240.00
P33075 Stainless Steel Flask Clamp, 500mL 240.00
P33076 Stainless Steel Flask Clamp, 1000mL 240.00
P33077 Stainless Steel Flask Clamp, 2000mL 240.00
P33078 Tiltable (-45° to +45°) Test Tube Rack, 105 x 8mm Tubes
P33079 Tiltable (-45° to +45°) Test Tube Rack, 72 x 10mm Tubes 240.00
P33080 Tiltable (-45° to +45°) Test Tube Rack, 72 x 12mm Tubes 240.00
P33081 Tiltable (-45° to +45°) Test Tube Rack, 42 x 14mm Tubes 240.00
P33082 Tiltable (-45° to +45°) Test Tube Rack, 26 x 17mm Tubes 240.00
P33083 Tiltable (-45° to +45°) Test Tube Rack, 14 x 25mm Tubes 240.00
P33084 Tiltable (-45° to +45°) Test Tube Rack, 12 x 30mm Tubes 240.00
P33085 Tiltable (-45° to +45°) Test Tube Rack, 10 x 35mm Tubes 240.00
P33086 Tiltable (-45° to +45°) Test Tube Rack, 4 x 50mm Tubes 240.00
P33087 Sticky Pad for Universal Platform, 140x140mm