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Temperature Controlled Vortexers, the MultiTherm H5000 Series


The MultiTherm H5000 Series shakers are temperature controlled vortexers useful for a variety of applications in molecular biology including denaturation of DNA, RNA and proteins, liquid extractions, yeast and bacteria cultivation, restriction digests, reverse transcription, DNA and plasmid isolation, or gentle thawing of biological materials.

Two models are available, the MultiTherm H5000-H with heating only, and the MultiTherm H5000-HC with heating and cooling.

A variety of blocks are available for popular tubes and plates, including one that holds as many as six 50 mL tubes.

MultiTherm H5000-HC
with 35 × 1.5 mL Block
Features of the MultiTherm H5000 Series Vortex Mixers:
  • Compact size
  • Actual and selected values of speed, time and temperature are simultaneously visible on the display
  • Precision contoured wells for uniform thermal transfer
  • Exchangeable blocks
  • Temperature control from Ambient +5° to 100°C (H5000-H) or Ambient -20° to 100°C (H5000-HC)

Some blocks have more mass and as a result the shaker maximum speed is lower and the lowest temperature of the H-5000-HC is higher when using them.

Specifications (Click here):  Temperature Controlled Vortexers, the MultiTherm H5000 Series

NumberDescriptionPrice $
H5000-HC MultiTherm Shaker with heating and cooling, 115V (without any block included)
H5000-H MultiTherm Shaker with heating only, 115V (without any block included)1,895.00
H5000-02 Block, 96 × 0.2 mL vials or one PCR plate
H5000-05 Block, 54 × 0.5 mL tubes or vials
H5000-CMB Block, combination 15 × 0.5 mL and 20 × 1.5 mL
H5000-15 Block, 35 × 1.5 mL tubes or vials
H5000-20 Block, 35 × 2.0 mL tubes or vials
H5000-12 Larger mass Block, 24 × 12 mm tubes or vials (speed range: 200 to 1200 rpm, temperature range: ambient -10 to 100 °C)
H5000-150 Larger mass Block, 12 × 15 mL (speed range: 200 to 750 rpm, temperature: range ambient -10 to 100 °C)
H5000-500 Larger mass Block, 6 × 50 mL (speed range: 200 to 750 rpm, temperature range: ambient -10 to 100 °C)
H5000-MP Larger mass Block, 1 × microplate (temperature range: ambient -10 to 60 ºC)
H5000-WB Larger mass Block, multi-purpose for such things as liquids or beads, chamber dimensions 4 × 2.6 × 1” (speed range: 200 to 750 rpm, temperature range: ambient -10 to 100 °C)365.00
H5000-DWMP Larger mass Block, 1 × microplate, deepwell (temperature range: ambient -10 to 60 ºC)365.00
H5000-025 Block, 6 × 30 mm, for 48 × 250 µL vial insert365.00
H5000-1232 Block, 12 × 32 mm, for 24 × 2 mL HPLC or Autosampler Vials365.00
H5000-CU Block, custom drilled, for tubes or vials up to 40 mm tall605.00