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Vacuum Pumps, the Büchi V-700 and V-710 PTFE Diaphragm Pumps


The Büchi V-700 and V-710 are chemically resistant PTFE diaphragm vacuum pumps for delivering all types of gases and vapors with totally oil free operation.

With a volume flow rate of 1.8 m3/h and a final vacuum of less than 10 mbar the Büchi V-700 covers a large range of laboratory applications and is optimally designed for use with a rotary evaporator. Further typical applications include the evac¬uation of drying cabinets or centrifuges and the creation of vacuum for filtration or for delivery of liquids.

The Büchi V-710 three-stage, four-head pump delivers a volume flow rate of 3.1m3/h with a final vacuum of less than 2 mbar. The pump can be used anywhere high suction capacity or low final vacuum is required.

The unique window head allows for visual inspection of diaphragm making it easy to check for solvent build-up or detection of contamination.

Büchi V-700 Vacuum Pump
  • Quiet, low-vibration operation due to ingenious sound insulation system, full housing enclosure and weight balance
  • Totally oil free operation
  • Integrated gas ballast: The constantly high suction volumes also dry the diaphragms during operation
  • Compact design and solid workmanship, with integrated carrying handle (V-700)

Büchi V-710 Vacuum Pump
  • An innovative variable speed and stroke control for regulating speed to provide a precise hysteresis-free vacuum (in combination with vacuum controller V-850/855)
  • Effective safety features: the pump will only operate when the housing is closed, there is electrical surge protection with reset and an integrated operating hours meter.

There are three optional methods for control.
The V-850 vacuum controller:

Designed for standard applications.

This controller regulates the pressure of the pump and has a timer function for stopping the process after a preset time.

It includes simple menu control and USB interface for data transfer to a PC for storage, evaluation, and optimization.

Needle Valve Control Display, V700 Pump with Needle Valve Control
Simple manual vacuum control by needle valve:
Draws air in through a fine regulation valve to set the vacuum. A manometer displays the pressure.

A Woulff bottle is recommended and there is no data interface.

V-850 and V-855 Vacuum Controllers
The V-855 vacuum controller: Includes the same functions as the V-850 controller along with a programming function for pressure gradients for special distillation tasks, storing up to 15 processes.

This controller also includes automatic distillation with the unique stage probe that detects the condensation limit and regulates the pressure appropriately.

The V-855 controller features a repeat function so the pressure curve of a manual or automatic distillation can be stored and retrieved anytime as the setpoint values for optimum process conditions.

V-700 Vacuum Pump, V-855 Controller and Secondary Condenser
The EasyVac V-801 vacuum module:

Regulates vacuum during distillation.

This module automatically finds the distillation start point, controls the pressure to follow the vapor pressure curve, and then determines the end point of distillation using stored algorithms.

V-700 Pump and
EasyVac V-801
Vacuum Module
The LabVac V-802 vacuum module:

Developed specifically as a laboratory vacuum source for multiple consumers.

This module allows pump operation to be switched on and off to combine the provision of the required vacuum with minimum energy use. In CONT mode, the pump operates continuously to create as low a vacuum as possible, irrespective of the number of connected consumers.

V-710 Pump and
LabVac V-802
With a wide range of hose fittings, adapter cables for valves from other manufacturers, and connection pieces, the vacuum can be adapted to suit different systems.  
The compact, high-performance secondary condenser produces maximum condensation of residual solvent vapor. At the same time, it separates any liquid solvent from the pump, putting it directly into the receiving flask. Insulation sleeves prevent the formation of undesirable condensation and provide the condenser with effective protection against mechanical damage.

The secondary cold trap is for use when dry ice is used instead of cooling water.

The recommended Woulff bottle equalizes pressure and acts as a buffer vessel and condensate trap, catching particles and droplets.

Cold Trap

Woulff Bottle

Specifications (Click here):  Vacuum Pumps, the Büchi V-700 and V-710 PTFE Diaphragm Pumps

NumberDescriptionPrice $
071000 Büchi V-710 Vacuum Pump
071100 Büchi V-710 Vacuum Pump with manual needle valve
071101 Büchi V-710 Vacuum Pump with needle valve and secondary condenser
071211 Büchi V-710 Vacuum Pump with V-850 Vacuum Controller, Woulff Bottle and Secondary Condenser
071210 Büchi V-700 Vacuum Pump with V-850 Vacuum Controller and Woulff Bottle
072000 Büchi V-710 Vacuum Pump
072200 Büchi V-710 Vacuum Pump with V-850 Vacuum Controller
072211 Büchi V-710 Vacuum Pump with V-850 Vacuum Controller, Woulff Bottle and Secondary Condenser
47231 Büchi V-850 Vacuum Controller
47232 Büchi V-855 Vacuum Controller
47252 EasyVac V-801 Vacuum Module for gentle evaporation of individual solvents or complex solvent mixtures.
47254 LabVac V-802 Vacuum Module for a laboratory vacuum system with several consumers.
47153 Replacement diaphragm for V-700 and V-710
04133 Silicone hose, for cooling water, per meter 11.38
17622 Vacuum hose, neoprene (flexible), per meter 41.24
27277 Vacuum hose, PTFE (rigid), per meter 79.33
047235 Automatic Distillation Probe
047190 Cold trap module, complete
047180 Secondary condenser including insulation
047170 Woulff bottle, for trapping particles and droplets for pressure equalization (necessary in stand alone system with V-700)
047291 Manual Vacuum Controller, manual setting of vacuum using a needle valve and a simple display of pressure. Recommended for use in combination with the Woulff bottle.
031356 Cooling water valve 24V, the vacuum controller automatically opens the cooling water feed only during distillation.