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Cool Storage, CoolCube Microtube and Microplate Portable Cooler


The CoolCube bench top portable microtube or microplate cooler is constructed with a proprietary gel refrigerant. Place the CoolCube in a freezer overnight and it is ready for use, maintaining a temperature of approximately 0°C for up to four hours. For use while working on a laboratory bench or for short time transport.

One side can be used as a PCR workstation, with wells for 10 standard 1.5/2.0 mL microtubes and one 96 well PCR plate or 0.2 mL tubes or strips. The other side can be used to hold 36 standard microtubes.

Features of the CoolCube Portable Cooler:
  • Keep samples cool without messy ice buckets
  • Maintains 0°C for 4 hours
  • Ideal for 1.5 mL/2.0 mL microtubes, 0.2 mL PCR tubes and strips or 96 well PCR plate
  • Use as a PCR workstation
  • Just freeze it overnight

Specifications (Click here):  Cool Storage, CoolCube Microtube and Microplate Portable Cooler

NumberDescriptionPrice $
R1000 CoolCube microtube and PCR plate cooler, two sided, made with polymer and gel refrigerant