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Chromatography Pumps, Ultra High Pressure (UHP)


The Ultra High Pressure chromatography pumps have been specifically designed to allow packing of particles in the 1 micron to 10 micron range. The pumps have flow rate ranges setting from 0.001 to 12.0 mL/min, and in constant pressure models the flow is controlled by the pressure setting.

For analytical to high speed and high resolution chromatography applications, with pulse free performance and precise control.

Standard controls include USB and RS-232 serial communication port (for complete control and pump status monitoring) and Run/Stop inputs. Also standard are remote frequency and remote voltage controls and real time pressure monitoring with user-selected high and low pressure limits. The UHP pumps also come with Quick Set Software for unmatched control of the packing process.

The UHP pump drives offer a linear cam and pressure compensation to provide accurate flow in the most demanding chromatography applications at normal HPLC pressures all the way to 25,000 psi. The use of modern digital stepper motor technology and high performance mechanical design provide accurate flow rates and pressure over the entire performance range.

Features of the UHP Chromatography Pumps:
  • Dual pump heads, cam-driven with single stepper motor drive
  • Stainless steel fluid path
  • RS-232 Serial Com Port for complete control and status monitoring
  • USB Connectivity
  • Run / Stop Inputs (5 volt TTL type)
  • Pressure monitoring via transducer with user-selected upper/lower pressure limits
  • Auto-prime with one button toggles flow rate to maximum for rapid solvent change
  • Front keypad control for pressure, flow, set-point and other information
  • Electronic pressure transducer
  • Remote 0 to 10 volt and 0 – 10 KHz flow rate control input
Specifications (Click here):  Chromatography Pumps, Ultra High Pressure (UHP)

NumberDescriptionPrice $
U05SFX01 Analytical Ultra-High Pressure Pump, 18,000 psi, 0.001-5 mL/min, stainless steel fluid path
L05SNXP1 Constant Pressure Ultra-High Pressure Pump, 25,000 psi, 0.001-5 mL/min, stainless steel fluid path
VGU05SFT01 UHP VersaGrad Pump, dual piston binary gradient, 18,000 psi, 0.001 – 5.0 mL/min, stainless steel fluid path