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Compact Laboratory Balances, Standard Series 165 BJ


Precisa Series 165 BJ Standard balances are compact units available in capacities from 102 g to over 12 kg. Easy to operate, with a large liquid crystal display. They feature an Intelligent Calibration Mode that allows easily performed and recorded (external) calibrations.

Series 165 BJ 100M with draft shield
  • Large weighing pan
  • Large liquid crystal display with backlight
  • Real time clock
  • Acoustic signal for optimum user guidance
  • Comprehensive range of integrated application programs
  • RS232 interface to printer or computer
  • Battery operation

Specifications (Click here):  Compact Laboratory Balances, Standard Series 165 BJ

NumberDescriptionPrice $
165-9327-050 Series 165 BJ 100M Standard Balance 896.06
165-9422-050 Series 165 BJ 410C Standard Balance 734.06
165-9423-050 Series 165 BJ 610C Standard Balance 789.75
165-9425-050 Series 165 BJ 1000C Standard Balance 840.38
165-9436-050 Series 165 BJ 1200C Standard Balance 891.00
165-9451-050 Series 165 BJ 2200C Standard Balance 946.69
165-9513-050 Series 165 BJ 2100D Standard Balance 703.69
165-9514-050 Series 165 BJ 4100D Standard Balance 734.06
165-9515-050 Series 165 BJ 6100D Standard Balance 789.75
165-9518-050 Series 165 BJ 8100D Standard Balance 840.38
165-9603-050 Series 165 BJ 6100G Standard Balance 703.69
165-9604-050 Series 165 BJ 12100G Standard Balance 734.06
350-8561 Hook for weighing below the balance50.00
350-8534 Cable for the 165 BJ used as the reference balance 87.50
350-8662 USV accu power pack, minimum 24 h continuous operation600.00
350-8565 Dust cover for the whole balance with retention ring50.00
350-8598 Dust covers for the whole balance, package of 20150.00