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Julabo High Temperature Circulators, + 400°C Forte HT and HT-CU


The Julabo High Temperature Forte HT30, HT30-CU, HT60 and HT60-CU Circulators can be used for temperature applications up to +400 °C. The circulators provide powerful heating capacities for the shortest heat-up times and the rapid compensation of exothermic and endothermic reactions.

The closed construction prevents the release of oil fumes even at high temperatures. Automatic heat-up and cracking protection help extend the life of the fluid. The filling system automatically purges the fluid system of air.

The Forte HT30-CU and Forte HT60-CU are equipped with a powerful cooling unit for tap water connection, lowering the minimum of the working temperature range.

Typical applications include reactors, autoclaves, distillation columns, miniplant installations, pilot plants and production facilities.

TCF full control Temperature Control Features allow individual optimization and access to all important control parameters, additional settings for band limit, co-speedfactor and other such settings.

ICC Intelligent Cascade Control for automatic and self-optimizing adjustments of PID control parameters providing temperature stability.

ATC Absolute Temperature Calibration for manual compensation of a temperature difference, single point calibration, provides high measuring accuracy.

ACC Active Cooling Control for cooling available throughout the entire working temperature range, provides fast cool-down even at higher temperatures.

Features of the Forte HT and HT-CU High Temperature Circulators:
  • Working temperature range up to 400 °C
  • Self-optimizing ICC temperature controller
  • Strong pumping capacity
  • Automatic air-purge allows easy filling
  • Automated heat-up feature adjusts to external systems
  • Bright LED display and interactive 4-line LCD display
  • On-line communication via built-in RS232 interface
  • Stand-by input for external emergency switch-off
  • Integrated programmer stores up to 6 profiles
  • Electronic level indication
  • ATC function for simple correction of temperature variations
  • Tap water cooling for temperatures from 40 to 400 °C (HT30-CU and HT60-CU)

Specifications (Click here):  Julabo High Temperature Circulators, + 400°C Forte HT and HT-CU

NumberDescriptionPrice $
9800031 Julabo Forte HT30-M1 High Temperature Circulator, 70 to +400°C, 3000W heating capacity
9800035 Julabo Forte HT30-M1-CU High Temperature Circulator, 40 to +400°C, 3000W heating capacity
9800063 Julabo Forte HT60-M3 High Temperature Circulator, 70 to +400°C, 6000W heating capacity
9800066 Julabo Forte HT60-M3-CU High Temperature Circulator, 40 to +400°C, 6000W heating capacity
8900020 Profibus DP Interface
8970811 Level indication, with sight glass
8970435 Handle for stand rod attachment
8980125 Extension cable from control electronics to Forte HT circulator, 5m
9790100 CU Cooling Unit
8980704 Solenoid valve for cooling water, 5 – 90 °C, suitable for HT30-M1 and HT60-M3
8970801 Expansion vessel, connection M16×1, filling volume 1 L