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UV Detectors, the Spectra-Chrom 280 UV Detector for Chromatography


A Spectra-Chrom UV detector is a necessary part of any experimental chromatography system. It is used to determine the concentrations of the different compounds as they elute from a column. It also provides information on the condition of the column and on the identity of the sample components.

The output of the Spectra-Chrom 280 UV Detector is connected to a strip chart recorder or data system. The recorded trace becomes the chromatogram describing the separation. It has analog outputs for both a chart recorder and an integrator (1V/AU).

The Spectra-Chrom 280 UV Detector output can also be connected to an intelligent Fraction Collector such as the CF-2, to provide real-time peak detection and allow control of how the components of precious samples are collected.

The Spectra/Chrom® Model 280 UV detector is a fixed wavelength flow-through spectrophotometer ideally suited for use as a chromatographic detector. It works equally well with HPLC and low-pressure systems. It features a direct reading digital output and a dual beam optical system that allows the automatic subtraction of a solvent background even in the presence of a rapidly changing gradient.

The Model 280 UV detector comes complete and ready-to-use. It includes a 5 mm path-length flow cell, filters for both 254 and 280 nm operation, and a set of tubing fittings. Unlike many filter based detectors, the operating wavelength can be changed in less than 10 seconds.

The Spectra-Chrom CF-2 is a fraction collector available from Rose Scientific that is a useful partner for the Spectra-Chrom 280 UV Detector. It includes a powerful peak detector that lets you separate the low-level "in-between" material from the peaks. Simply connect the chart recorder output from the detector to the input of the CF-2. One can put different amounts in the peak and non-peak tubes as well as keep peaks more concentrated by separating them from the non-peak material. Add a 3-way diverter valve and the process of collecting the in-between material can be skipped altogether!

Features of the Spectra-Chrom 280 UV Detector:
  • Dual-Beam optics for baseline subtraction
  • Cold-room compatible
  • Digital Readout
  • Detection limit 3 x 10-4 AU
  • Both 254 and 280 nm operation
  • 3 different flow cells available
  • Quick wavelength changes
  • CE marked, and compliant with RoHS

Specifications (Click here):  UV Detectors, the Spectra-Chrom 280 UV Detector for Chromatography

NumberDescriptionPrice $
142600 Spectra-Chrom Model 280 UV-Detector with 5mm Path-length Cell and 254nm Flow Cell, 115 V
142602 Spectra-Chrom Model 280 UV-Detector with 5mm Path-length Cell and 254nm Flow Cell, 230 V 7,348.25
142608 254/280 nm Filter Slide, included with the Spectra-Chrom UV Monitor 1,130.50
142642 5 mm Path-length Dual Flow Cell, included with Spectra-Chrom UV Monitor, illuminated volume 34 µL; hold-up volume 134 µL (per flow path) 904.75
142644 2 mm Path-length dual flow cell, Iiluminated volume 14 µL; hold-up volume 54 µL (per flow path) 1,029.00
142640 10 mm Path-length dual flow cell, illuminated volume 68 µL; hold-up volume 268 µL (per flow path) 1,029.00
142650 Replacement Lamp Assembly for Model 280 UV detector 1,632.75
124700 Strip Chart Recorder, Single Channel (a range of chart recorders is available on request)