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Bio-suction Systems, the BioDolphin Suction Kit and the Portable Lafil 400-BioDolphin
Bioreactors, the Benchtop Infors Minifors
Bottle Top Burette, iDrop Electronic Digital Controlled
Bottle Top Dispensers, Contiburette™ Manual and Motorized Electronic Digital Burettes
Bottle Top Dispensers, LabMax airless HF Series
Bottle Top Dispensers, LabMax eco, LabMax premium, LabMax airless
Bottle Top Dispensers, Optifix® Basic, Optifix® Solvent, Optifix® Safety and Universal Optifix® HF Hydrofluoric Acid
Bottle Top Dispensers, Socorex Acurex™ 501 Series Compact Low Profile
Bottle Top Dispensers, Socorex Calibrex™ organo 525 and solutae 530 Series
Bottle Top Dispensers, Socorex Calibrex™ universal 520 Series
Bottle Top Filters, Ethidium Bromide Waste Reduction Extractor System
Bottle Top Filters, ZapCap-S, ZapCap-CR and ZapCap-S Plus
Bottles, 300 mL BOD (for Biochemical Oxygen Demand Tests)
Bottles, Large Graduated Borosilicate Glass Reagent, 5L, 10L, 20L
Bulk Filtration for Cannabis – Table-Top Buchner Funnel Set-Up
Carboys, Standard with and without Stopcock , and EZgrip™ BPA-Free made with FDA USP Class VI HDPE Resin
Cryostats, the Bright OTF5000 Floor Standing Basic, LS and HS Models
Digital Burettes, the Titrex 2000
Filter Holders, Magnetic MF Series – 300 mL or 500 mL Capacity, Standard or Short Stem
Filtration Sets and Accessories from Rocker
Filtration Systems, with Rocker 300C or Chemker 300 Vacuum Pumps and VF12 Filtration Set
Filtrations, Autofil® Bottle Top or Centrifuge Tube Vacuum Operated Filtration Set
Floor Model Refrigerated Centrifuge 12,000 rpm Multi-Purpose Model 1236R
Floor Model Refrigerated Centrifuge 17,000 rpm Multi-Purpose 1736R
Fraction Collectors, the Foxy® R1 and Foxy® R2 Multi-sample Automated
Freeze Dryers, Dry Ice Benchtop System, -75 °C
Freeze Dryers, the FreeZone 18 Liter and – 50 °C Console Freeze Dry System
Gel Stainer, the ATTO AE-6630 Automatic
Hot Plate Stirrers, Hot Plates, and Stirrers, the Analog H4000 Series
Hot Plate Stirrers, Hot Plates, and Stirrers, the Digital H3760 Series
Hybex Strong and Temperature Resistant Borosilicate Glass Media Storage Bottles
Incubators, Memmert INCOmed CO2 Models INC108med, INC153med, INC246med and INC108ivf
Incubators, MyTemp Mini Digital, Heating Only or with Heating and Cooling
Isocratic HPLC System, the ECS03, with UV-Visible Detector and Analytical HPLC Pump
Julabo Forcing Test Refrigerated/Heating Circulator Bath F38-ME
Low Profile Roller Mixer, 2.3 inches in Height
Manifold Vacuum Filtration Systems, 3 and 6 Position MultiVac 310-MS-T, MultiVac 610-MS-T, MultiVac 301-MB-T and MultiVac 601-MB-T
Microplate Vacuum Manifold WelVac 200 and Vacuum Manifold System WelVac 210
Microplate Washers, the Biochrom Anthos Fluido 2
Multi-Channel Liquid Dispenser Filler for High Throughput Filling of COVID-19 Transport Tubes and other Tubes or Bottles
Orbital Shakers, Orbi-Shaker™ CO2 and Orbi-Shaker™ CO2 XL Benchtop All Environment, Remote Control
Orbital Shakers, Orbi-Shaker™ XL High Capacity Benchtop
Orbital Shakers, the AG-200 Petri Dish Shaker
Orbital Shakers, with Remote Control for Incubators, CO2 Incubators, Suspension Cell Cultures and General Use
Pipettes, Socorex Acura Manual 865 Self-refilling Microdispensers
Shaking Incubators, Heavy Duty Incu-Shaker™ 10L Heating Only and 10LR with Heating and Cooling
Shaking Incubators, the Multitron Standard Stackable Shaking Incubators
Shaking Water Baths, SB-12L Removable Hinged Lid, 12 Liter Capacity
Table Top Centrifuge 12,000 rpm Multi-Purpose Model 1236
Titrators, Titronic Basic Manual Motor Driven Burette
Tube Mixers, 5 and 10 Roller Gentle Rocking TubeRollers
Ultra High Speed 22,000 rpm Floor Model Refrigerated High Capacity (up to 6 × 1000 mL) Programmable Model 2236R Centrifuge
Vacuum Filtration Systems, the WaterVac 100
Vacuum Pumps, the Büchi V-700 and V-710 PTFE Diaphragm Pumps
Vacuum Pumps, the Economical Büchi V-100 PTFE Diaphragm Pumps and the I-100 Vacuum Controller
Winterization Kits for Cannabis Research