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Biohazard Bags, BowTie™ Collection and Clear or Red Autoclavable


The BowTie™ Biohazard Bags exclusive drawstring loops provide an instant cinch closure and easy removal from bag stands. These drawstring loops allow for venting during sterilization and offer an easy and safe way to remove bags from a hot autoclave. Bags are clearly marked with a biohazard symbol. The BowTie Biohazard Bag is made of 2.25 mil HDPE and is suitable for autoclaving in 121°C cycles.

MTC Bio’s Biohazard Bin fits the BowTie™ Bags perfectly and its touchless lid allows for quicker disposal of hazardous waste. With a dimension of 10 x 14 x 19in. (25 x 35 x 48cm) and a 12-14 gallon capacity, this bin is a great addition to a hazardous waste management plan.

Autoclavable Bags are high temperature autoclavable bags manufactured from heavy gauge polypropylene material that is not only more puncture-resistant than polyethylene, but also withstands autoclaving at temperatures up to 136˚C (250˚F). Their ability to contain is completely unaffected at standard autoclave temperature (121˚C).

Each bag has an oversized white marking panel, suitable for use with all types of permanent markers. They are also prominently marked with the words “Hazardous Waste” and the standard “Biohazard” symbol, conforming to the OSHA standard (29CFR1910.1030).

Designed to resist stretching and poking, these bags are extremely pliable, leak-resistant and have seamless bottoms for exceptional strength and integrity. Both sizes (12 x 26 inch and 24 x 32 inch) are available in clear or opaque “biohazard” red color. They are supplied in units of 200 bags, with 4 inner packs of 50 bags for convenient dispensing and storage.

Features of the BowTie™ Biohazard Bags:
  • Draw-string for instant closure and easy bin removal
  • 12-16 gallon capacity, 2”5x35” / 45-60 Liters, 64cmx89cm
  • Color changing sterilization indicator
  • Fits perfectly in biohazard bins
  • Bin has a hands-free foot pedal operated lid

Specifications (Click here):  Biohazard Bags, BowTie™ Collection and Clear or Red Autoclavable

NumberDescriptionPrice $
A80-01R BowTie™ Biohazard bags, with drawstring, HDPE, 12-16 gallon capacity (45-60 liters), 25 x 35in. (64 x 89cm), large marking area and sterilization indicator, case of 100
A8000B BowTie™ Biohazard Bin, with hands-free foot pedal, PP, 12-14 gallon capacity (45-52 liters), 10 x 14 x 19” (25 x 35 x 48cm, W x D x H), attached lid
A9000C Autoclave bags, 12.2x26" (31 x 66cm), clear, biohazard printed, marking area, case pf 200
A9000R Autoclave bags, 12.2x26" (31 x 66cm), red, biohazard printed, marking area, case of 200
A9002C Autoclave bags, 24x32" (61 x 81.3cm), clear, biohazard printed, marking area, case of 200
A9002R Autoclave bags, 24x32" (61 x 81.3cm), red, biohazard printed, marking area, box of 200
A9004R Autoclave bags, 8.5x11" (21.6x 28cm), red biohazard printed, marking area, box of 100
A9004-WR Wire rack benchtop stand for 8.5 x 11" biohazard autoclave bags, each
A9004-SK Benchtop Disposal Set, includes metal stand, 5 x 3 x 9" (WxDxH) and 400 red 8.5 x 11" autoclave biohazard bags, set of 1