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Chromatography Pumps, the Flash 150 Binary Gradient High Flow, with Stainless Steel Head


The Flash 150 Pump has been designed to meet the requirements of most Flash Chromatography applications with very high performance.

The Flash 150 Binary consists of two (2) single-head positive displacement (piston) pumps that deliver precise flow rates up to 300 mL/min isocratic and 150 mL/min in a gradient mode. Flow accuracy can be optimized for various solvents using the calibration feature built into the pump’s front panel.

These pumps are superior to gear, diaphragm and peristaltic pumps and operate at higher pressure for use with columns thus providing greater performance at an affordable price.

See the Flash 100 and Flash 300 for Binary Flash or Preparative Chromatography.

Features of the Flash 150 Binary Gradient Pump:
  • 2 single head rapid refill pumps for high flow
  • Ceramic pistons and high performance HPLC grade seals
  • Ruby ball/sapphire seat check valve
  • Flow calibration can be set for individual solvents
  • Repeatable flow and no loss of prime with hexane, DCM and other light solvents
  • Combination Prime-Purge Valve / T outlet
  • Additional check valve to prevent backflow during priming
  • Fluid path totally insulated from electrical components
  • Interactive digital keypads, RS-232 control and monitoring
  • EZChrom™ driver available
Specifications (Click here):  Chromatography Pumps, the Flash 150 Binary Gradient High Flow, with Stainless Steel Head

NumberDescriptionPrice $
120995 Flash 150 Binary Gradient Pump, Self-Flush, 0.1-100mL/min, Stainless Steel head
WID2K2021101 SCU 460 System Gradient Control Unit