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Freeze Dryers, Dry Ice Benchtop System, -75 °C


For the laboratory with occasional lyophilization requirements, the Dry Ice Benchtop Freeze Dry System provides a simple, economical means of freeze-drying.

Since dry ice cools alcohol or other heat transfer solutions to approximately -75 degrees C or -103 degrees F, the Dry Ice Benchtop Freeze Dry System is ideal for processing materials with low eutectic points.

The Dry Ice Benchtop Freeze Dry System is equipped with a center well for dry ice and solvent that serves as a water vapor collector and doubles as a convenient pre-freezing bath. Flasks, serum bottles and ampules may be frozen by dipping and rotating them in the well.

Type 304 stainless steel with twelve valves and a single run capacity of 1 liter. Valves accommodate either 1/2" or 3/4" flask adapters. Includes the dry ice and solvent center well with 1.92 liter capacity and cover, 1/2" outside diameter port for connection to vacuum pump and 3/8" outside diameter port for connection to vacuum gauge.

What is needed to begin freeze drying using the Dry Ice Freeze Dryer:
  • Rotary vane direct drive vacuum pump with a minimum displacement of 144 liters/minute, 0.002 mBar ultimate pressure and fitting suitable for 3/4" ID vacuum hose
  • Drying accessory: chamber, manifold or tray dryer (some models include a stoppering tray dryer)
  • Freeze dry glassware if not bulk freeze drying
  • Vacuum Gauge
  • Tubing
  • Dry Ice

Specifications (Click here):  Freeze Dryers, Dry Ice Benchtop System, -75 °C

NumberDescriptionPrice $
7522700 Dry Ice Benchtop System with Acrylic Lid, -75 °C, 12 ports1,888.70
7439900 Glass lid for the Dry Ice Benchtop System 7522700 above552.29
7522700-GLASS-XXX Freeze dry glassware, XXX = flasks, ampules, serum bottles or vials of various sizes, supplied individually
7395000 Digital electronic vacuum gauge
7373436 PVC tubing, 3 feet, 0.75 inches internal diameter26.14
1467700 Rotary vane vacuum pump, 195 liters/minute, 2 × 10-3 mbar,115 V, 60 Hz