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Agarose LE, High Performance and General Purpose
Autoclaves, BioClave Mini (8 L Chamber) and BioClave 16 (16 L Chamber)
Cell Harvesters, Manual, Automatic and Ready for Robotic
Centrifuge Tubes, 5 mL Macro
Cool Storage, CoolCube Microtube and Microplate Portable Cooler
Dry Baths, Compact Portable myBlock Mini. myBlock Mini with Cooling, and myBlock HL Mini with Heated Lid
Dry Baths, IsoBlock Dual Block Independent Digital Control, Hinged Lid
Dry Baths, Classic Single Position, Double Position, and Four Position Digitally Controlled Compact BSH1000 Series
Dry Baths, myBlock Single or Dual Block Digital
Homogenizers, Compact BeadBug™ Personal and BeadBug™ 6-Position Microtube Bead Grinders
Hot Plate Stirrers, Hot Plates, and Stirrers, the Analog H4000 Series
Hot Plate Stirrers, Hot Plates, and Stirrers, the Digital H3760 Series
Hot Plates, Stirrers and Hotplate Stirrers, Digital Control H3770 (7 inch) and H3710 (10 inch) Series
Hybex Strong and Temperature Resistant Borosilicate Glass Media Storage Bottles
Incubators, MyTemp Mini Digital, Heating Only or with Heating and Cooling
Infrared Micro-sterilizer, the BactiZapper
Micro Centrifuges, MC-24 Touch with 13,500 rpm, MyFuge™ Mini with 6,000 rpm 8 Tube Rotor and MyFuge™ 12 with 5,500 rpm 12 Tube CombiRotor
Microplate Reader, MR-9600 Accuris SmartReader 96 Well Microplate Absorbance Reader
Mini Centrifuges, StripSpin™ 12 Rotor Holds 4 × 12 - Position PCR Tube Strips, 5500 rpm
Multi-Tube Vortexer, the Heavy Duty and Adaptable BenchMixer™ XL
Orbital Shakers, Orbi-Shaker™ CO2 and Orbi-Shaker™ CO2 XL Benchtop All Environment, Remote Control
Orbital Shakers, Orbi-Shaker™ XL High Capacity Benchtop
Pipettes, Accuris™ NextPette™ Variable Volume
Rockers, BenchRocker Variable Speed and Tilt Angle 2D Rocker
Rockers, BioMixer and Mini BioMixer Moderately Aggressive Fixed Speed 3D
Rockers, BlotBoy and Mini Blotboy Low Fixed Speed 3D, with Gentle Motion Designed for Blot Related Applications
Rockers, Everlast 247 Continuous Duty Adjustable Endurance
Rockers, Low Profile BenchBlotter Fixed Speed 2D Platform Rocker
Shakers, Incu-Mixer™ MP2 and MP4 Heated Microplate Vortex Mixers for 2 or 4 Plates
Shakers, OrbiShaker MP Orbital Microplate Variable Speed
Shaking Incubators, Compact Incu-Shaker Mini
Shaking Incubators, Heavy Duty Incu-Shaker™ 10L Heating Only and 10LR with Heating and Cooling
Shaking Water Baths, SB-12L Removable Hinged Lid, 12 Liter Capacity
Temperature Controlled Vortexers, the MultiTherm H5000 Series
Thermal Cycler, the TC 9639 Programmable Medium to High Throughput
Tube Mixers, 5 and 10 Roller Gentle Rocking TubeRollers
Vortex Mixers, Fixed Speed MX-F and MX-E, Variable Speed MX-S, FineVortex 4S and BenchMixer BV1000
Vortex Mixers, Mortexer with Versatile Multi-Head
Vortex Mixers, the Vornado Miniature
Water Baths, the MyBath™ 2, 4, 8 and 12 Liter with Digital Temperature Control