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Rockers, BenchRocker Variable Speed and Tilt Angle 2D Rocker


The BenchRocker BR2000 Variable Speed 2D Rocker is designed to provide precise speed and tilt angles required for a broad range of molecular and biological mixing applications.

The user can adjust both parameters to match the vessel size and the volume of liquid being mixed, yielding optimum results.

At low speeds and minimal tilt angles, the 'see-saw' motion of the 2D provides a gentle wave effect for the non-foaming mixing required for most blot washing and gel work. When set to higher speeds and more extreme tilt angles, the 2D produces aggressive agitation for vigorous sample mixing.

Features of the BR2000 BenchRocker:
  • Adjustable speed and tilt angle
  • Ideal for routine blotting, staining and destaining tasks
  • Large 14” x 12” work surface
  • Safe for incubator or cold room use
  • Maintenance free brushless motor/li>
  • Can accept optional stacking platform to double work surface

BR2000 BenchRocker

BR2000 Stacking Platform

Specifications (Click here):  Rockers, BenchRocker Variable Speed and Tilt Angle 2D Rocker

NumberDescriptionPrice $
BR2000 BenchRocker 2D Platform Rocker, supplied with non-slip flat mat
BR2000-STACK BenchRocker BR2000 Stacking platform with non-slip flat mat (3” clearance) 180.80
BR2000-DIMPLED Dimpled mat, for tubes 62.40
B0718 Bungee cord, used for securing vessels. Pkg/4 43.20
BR2000-SP STACK-PLUS Extender Set. Adds 1.25” clearance to stacking platform 64.00
BR-2000-FLAT Flat non-slip mat Extra Large, 35cm x 30cm (BR2000 platform size) 62.40