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Belly Bath, The Belly Dancer Shaker Integrated with a Heated Water Bath
Dry Baths, Compact Portable myBlock Mini. myBlock Mini with Cooling, and myBlock HL Mini with Heated Lid
Dry Baths, IsoBlock Dual Block Independent Digital Control, Hinged Lid
Dry Baths, Classic Single Position, Double Position, and Four Position Digitally Controlled Compact BSH1000 Series
Dry Baths, myBlock Single or Dual Block Digital
Freezer Storage Boxes and Work Station Racks, Labnet R8300 Polypropylene, for 0.5 mL and 1.5/2.0 mL Micro-centrifuge tubes
Freezers, the Bright CLINI-RF Rapid Specimen Model, with - 40°C and - 80°C Chambers
Heating Bath Circulators – Programmable CW3 Series
Heating Bath Circulators – Standard (Non-programmable) CW3 Series
Heating Bath Circulators, 250°C High Temperature
Heating and Cooling Bath Circulators – Programmable Type
Heating and Cooling Bath Circulators – Standard (Non-programmable)
High Temperature Heating Baths - with Air, Liquid or Sand, IKA HB 10 Digital, IKA HBR 4 Digital (with Stirring), PZ 26-4, PZ 26-7 and MB/28P
IKA Rotary Evaporators, RV 10 Basic, RV 10 Digital and RV 10 Control
Julabo Forcing Test Refrigerated/Heating Circulator Bath F38-ME
Julabo Heating Immersion Circulators, Bridge Mounted Circulators
Julabo Heating Recirculating Baths with Optional External Temperature Probe, DYNEO DD Series
Julabo Open Heating Bath Circulators, Economy ED Series, with Plexiglas®, Makrolon® or Stainless Steel Tanks
Julabo TopTech and HighTech Heating Circulator Baths
Julabo Water Baths, 2, 8, 12 and 20 Liters, up to 100 °C, TW Series with Microprocessor Control
Laboratory Aids, Bowls and Dishes - Larger (over 240 ml) Basins, Baths, Beakers, Bowls, Buckets, Jugs, Petri Dishes and Trays
Paraffin Baths, the Termofin Histology Paraffin Section Mounting Bath
Paraffin Wax Dispenser, Heated Tap
Rotary Evaporators, the Büchi Rotavapor® R-300
Rotary Evaporators, the EV311H, EV311M, Programmable EV311MP and Integrated Vacuum Controlled EV311M-VAC
Shaking Water Baths, Orbital (Circular) and Reciprocating (Back and Forth), with Microprocessor Control
Shaking Water Baths, SB-12L Removable Hinged Lid, 12 Liter Capacity
Temperature Controlled Vortexers, the MultiTherm H5000 Series
Ultrasonic Baths, Analog and Digital Control
Ultrasonic Pipet Washer, the Ultrasons-P
Visco Baths, Julabo TopTech ME
Water Baths, BW3 Series General Purpose 3.5, 11.5 and 20 Liters, Heat to 100°C with Microprocessor Control
Water Baths, BWB General Purpose Heated 8, 15 Liter and 15 Liter with Internal Circulating Pump
Water Baths, Compact Laboratory Heated Stainless Steel and Plastic
Water Baths, Heated General Purpose Digitally Controlled
Water Baths, Memmert WTB, from 7.5L to 51L Capacity
Water Baths, Oil Baths, Memmert WNB, WNE, WPE and ONE, from 7L to 45L Capacity
Water Baths, the MyBath™ 2, 4, 8 and 12 Liter with Digital Temperature Control
Water and Oil Baths, the Precisbat 200 °C, 2, 4, or 6 Position
Water and Oil Baths, the Termobat 110 °C or 200 °C, for Rotary Evaporators or Stand Alone Use