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Series 480S/SCS Precision and Industrial Balances


Rugged, Industrial Workhorses. Precisa balances in the 480S/SCS Series have a robust and well-protected die cast aluminum casing. The balance pan is large and rests on a four-point support. These Precisa balance models are ideally suited for industrial and process manufacturing use.

Models of the 480 SCS Series have built-in time and temperature controlled self-calibration. The SCS system will automatically calibrate the balance each day at the time specified. Whenever temperature shifts by more than 2 º C they will automatically re-calibrate as well. Self-calibration is fully automated and does not interfere with current weighing processes in any way. This feature insures that a Precisa 480SCS Series industrial balance remains perfectly calibrated at all times with no need for human intervention of external weight sets.

  • Fully automatic internal calibration - programmable within each 24 hour period
  • Automatic recalibration upon detection of temperature change
  • Bi-directional RS232/V24 data output
  • GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) print format
  • AP11 application pack
  • Clock with date and time
  • Capacity indicator
  • Anti-theft code
  • Integrated functions: Piece counting, percent weighing, readout in several internationally valid units
IP65: On request, Precisa will supply your 480SCS/S balance with optional IP65 protection, which provides certified protection of the mechanical and electronic parts against the entry of dust and water. Your Precisa balance includes a protective dust-cover over the display as standard.

SCS self-calibration: The 480SCS balance is fitted with programmable, fully automatic time and temperature-controlled calibration. The SCS - Self-Calibration System - triggers the calibration via the program control automatically every 24 hours or at temperature changes of 2 °C and records it in accordance with the ISO standard.

The time of day when this is carried out can be freely defined in the Main Menu, with an interruption safety mechanism which prevents interference with current weighing operations or measured values. Calibration with the integrated test weight can, of course, be called up manually at the press of a key or be carried out with external calibration weights (ICM).

Numerous data interface and display options and adaptors for specialized use are also available.

Specifications (Click here):  Series 480S/SCS Precision and Industrial Balances

NumberDescriptionPrice $
480-9561 480S/SCS - Model 12000D SCS Inquire
480-9571 480S/SCS - Model 18000D SCS Inquire
480-9572 480S/SCS - Model 24000D SCS Inquire
480-9580 480S/SCS - Model 30000D SCS Inquire
480-9852 480S/SCS - Model 30100DG-FR SCS Inquire
480-9851 480S/SCS - Model 12000D-30000G-DR SCS Inquire
480-9662 480S/SCS - Model 20000G SCS Inquire
480-9661 480S/SCS - Model 30000G SCS Inquire
480-9670 480S/SCS - Model 40000G SCS Inquire
480-9671 480S/SCS - Model 60000G SCS Inquire
480-9573 480S/SCS - Model 16100D Inquire
480-9663 480S/SCS - Model 30100G Inquire
480-9865 480S/SCS - Model 24520DG-FR Inquire