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Isocratic Single Piston Pumps, the ECP2011S and ECO2011SP


Isocratic single piston pumps with flow rate of 0.02 to 10.0 ml/min and limit of pressure at 40(20) MPa are suited for columns washing and columns regeneration process in liquid chromatography. It is designed with piston diameter of 1/8”.

The pump may be used in classical analytical applications where pulsation does not matter (not possible to use with RI detectors). Pulsation can be eliminated by pulse dampers. More than one pump controlled by ECOMAC can produce high-pressure gradient.

Completely new concept of electronic control and drive of pump allows using it as standalone unit, as well as in PC controlled systems. New piston suspensions and its easy replacement prolong working life and simplify maintenance.

Intuitive operating using simple keypad allows easy selection of functions that include flow rate, maximal flow rate - PURGE (for priming and PURGE (for priming and washing), high pressure limit, low pressure limit, settings of pressure sensor zero, pressure unit change (MPa, PSI, bar), RS232 Communication and display brightness

LED display allows watching (also from a distance) actual pressure or flow-rate settings. When working with buffered solvents, it is possible to use pistons back washing.

Features of the ECP2011S and ECO2011SP pumps:
  • Inexpensive, high quality system
  • Upgradable to gradient applications by addition of pumps
  • Settable High and Low Pressure Limits
  • Display pressure in PMA, PSI or bar
  • Quick Purge feature for priming and washing
  • Easy to use, reliable and robust
  • European manufacture

Specifications (Click here):  Isocratic Single Piston Pumps, the ECP2011S and ECO2011SP

NumberDescriptionPrice $
ACKS000X ECP2011S Isocratic Single Piston Pump without Pressure Monitoring 4,825.00
ACLSOOX ECP2011SP Isocratic Single Piston Pump with Pressure Monitoring 5,650.00