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TLC Plates, Silica Gel - High Performance Reversed Phase RP-18 W UV254 on Glass and Aluminum Surfaces, Superb Quality by German Manufacturer Macherey-Nagel


The Mackerey-Nagel RP-18 W UV254 wettable High Performance TLC glass plates are “hybrid” plates suitable for reversed phase (RP) as well as normal phase (NP) chromatography. It is all a function of what the plates are developed in. The plates can also be used with acid eluents because the fluorescent indicator is acid resistant.

Aluminum (Alugram) sheets bring the advantages of flexibility, compactness and strength to reverse phase RP-18 W UV254 plates.

HPTLC (High Performance TLC) plates are characterized by smaller particles and thinner layers, with the particle size distribution of the sorbent narrower than for conventional TLC layers. The result is more resolving power per unit distance and faster development times.

Rose Scientific supplies all of Macherey-Nagel’s high quality TLC and HPTLC plate products, including ready to use plates with these layers: Standard Silica (including SIL G and DURASIL hard surface), Unmodified Silica for HPTLC (including versions with SIL G and DURASIL), Modified Silica for HPTLC (including RP-18 W UV254 Reverse Phase featured here), Aluminum Oxide, Cellulose (modified and unmodified), and Layers for special separations (including CHIRALPLATE). Most products are available with or without fluorescent indicators.

See the ordering information on the most popular Macherey-Nagel TLC products Rose provides: Standard unmodified SIL G plates, unmodified DURASIL plates with a special binder for a harder surface, Reverse Phase RP-18 W UV254 plates (below), and CHIRALPLATE plates for enantiomer separation.

Call Rose Scientific for pricing on other products such as Macherey-Nagel’s Nano-DURASIL-20, a High Performance (HPTLC) version of DURASIL plates that have a binder added to the silica to create a surface that is harder, more resilient and wettable.

Developing time for a migration distance of 7 cm for RP-18 W 254uv versus octadecyl-modified HPTLC silica Nano-SIL C 18-50 uv254
and Nano-SIL C 18-100 uv254
Features of the high performance reverse phase TLC plates:
  • Nano Silica 60, specific surface (BET) ~ 500 m2/g, mean pore size 60 Å, specific pore volume 0.75 mL/g, particle size 2-10 µm, for preparative (1mm thickness) standard silica 60, particle size 5-17 µm: pH stability 2-10
  • Acid resistant pale blue fluorescent indicator for short wavelength UV (254 nm)
  • UV-absorbing substances appear as dark-blue to black spots on a light-blue background
  • Partial octadecyl modification, wettable with water, carbon content 14%
  • Normal or reversed phase separation modes with eluents from anhydrous solvents to mixtures with high concentrations of water; the relative polarity of the eluent determines the polarity of the layer
  • Applications have included separation of amino-phenols, barbiturates, preservatives, nucleobases, PAHs, steroids, tetracyclines and plasticizers (phthalates)

NumberDescriptionPrice $
811073 Glass Plates, RP-18 W uv254, 0.25mm thick, 5 x 20 cm, pkg/ 50 plates337.77
811075 Glass Plates, RP-18 W uv254, 0.25mm thick, 10 x 10 cm, pkg/ 25 plates254.02
811072 Glass Plates, RP-18 W uv254, 0.25mm thick, 10 x 20 cm, pkg/ 50 plates590.87
811071 Glass Plates, RP-18 W uv254, 0.25mm thick, 20 x 20 cm, pkg/ 25 plates473.06
811074 Glass Plates, RP-18 W uv254, 1.00mm thick, 20 x 20 cm, pkg/ 15 plates606.51
818144 ALUGRAM Aluminum Plates, RP-18 W uv254, 0.15mm thick, 4 x 8 cm, pkg/ 50 plates121.49
818152 ALUGRAM Aluminum Plates, RP-18 W uv254, 0.15mm thick, 5 x 10 cm, pkg/ 50 plates272.42
818145 ALUGRAM Aluminum Plates, RP-18 W uv254, 0.15mm thick, 5 x 20 cm, pkg/ 50 plates147.26
818147 ALUGRAM Aluminum Plates, RP-18 W uv254, 0.15mm thick, 10 x 10 cm, pkg/ 25 plates142.65
818146 ALUGRAM Aluminum Plates, RP-18 W uv254, 0.15mm thick, 20 x 20 cm, pkg/ 25 plates362.62