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CO2 Incubators, Air-Jacketed BIO-RHP Series with IR Sensor, Stackable


The BIO-RHP series of CO2 Incubators are produced by one of the world’s largest laboratory equipment manufacturers, with a solid reputation for performance and reliability combined with outstanding value. Whether for clinical, research or general laboratory cell culture applications, these CO2 incubators provide the ideal consistent CO2 environment for critical and valuable cells.

Four sizes are available to meet any laboratory requirements and budgetary constraints.

The inner chamber is made from corrosion-resistant mirror stainless steel. Round coved corners make for easy cleaning. The shelves are designed to be anti-skid to insures safety. The incubators are also equipped with various alarm systems, both audible and visual for power, temperatures, CO2 concentration, humidity level, faulty door closing and other malfunctions.

Features of the BIO-RHP Series CO2 Incubators:
  • A stainless-steel interior with coved corners makes for easy chamber cleaning
  • Fan speed control
  • Heated inner glass door minimizes condensation
  • UV Sterilization
  • HEPA Filtration along with 90ºC moist heat disinfection system
  • Independent temperature system provides safe guard in case standard controller fails in preventing over temperature issues
  • Color LCD displays temperature and CO2 % along with other important parameters
  • Temperature accuracy ± 0.3 °C at 37 °C
  • CO2 is accurately regulated with an IR sensor being standard
  • CO2 regulator valve with dual stage control is available as option
  • Inner glass door minimizes condensation.with improved responsiveness and faster temperature recovery
  • The six-sides, direct heating design provides the best performance of temperature uniformity (±0.3 °C)
  • Heated door also minimizes condensation
  • The PID Microprocessor along with the IR Sensor, precisely control temperature and CO2 while at the same time monitoring humidity
  • A Large Touch Screen Color LCD Display provides for user friendly input of parameters while at the same time providing easy viewing of the control
  • HEPA air filtration system creating culturing environment of clean-room Class 100 conditions
  • Test hole provides access for convenient measurement and calibration of gas concentration and temperature
  • Easy-to-install and dismantle shelf system that also prevents slippage
  • Anti-tilt design prevents containers from falling off half-pulled-out shelves
  • Independent temperature limiter to avoid losing control of temperature
  • UV light system for periodic sterilization of chamber
  • Professional dual-level control CO2 valve providing stable and more precise control of the CO2 concentration

Specifications (Click here):  CO2 Incubators, Air-Jacketed BIO-RHP Series with IR Sensor, Stackable

NumberDescriptionPrice $
BIO80 BIO-80RHP CO2 Incubator, 80L capacity, 120 V
BIO80E BIO-80RHP CO2 Incubator, 80L capacity, 230 V 8,460.00
BIO150 BIO-150RHP CO2 Incubator, 150L capacity, 120 V 10,924.00
BIO150E BIO-150RHP CO2 Incubator, 150L capacity, 230 V 10,924.00
BIO190 BIO-190RHP CO2 Incubator, 190L capacity, 120 V 11,932.00
BIO190E BIO-190RHP CO2 Incubator, 190L capacity, 230 V 11,932.00
BIO240 BIO-240RHP CO2 Incubator, 233L capacity, 120 V 14,604.00
BIO240E BIO-240RHP CO2 Incubator, 233L capacity, 230V 14,604.00