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Rockers, Everlast 247 Continuous Duty Adjustable Endurance


The Everlast 247 Rocker features exceptionally heavy duty construction and components so that it can provide continuous service day in and day out, twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. Not only that it can serve in cold rooms down to 0°C as well as in incubators up to 65°C.

It can rock gently, for staining, destaining and gentle mixing, or the user can adjust to have it rock more aggressively, up to 80 rpm.

The platforms are of made of stainless steel, to resist rust and corrosion.

Everlast Rocker 247
Features of the Everlast 247 Continuous Duty Rocker:
  • Unprecedented five year limited warranty
  • An endurance rocker designed for continuous service over long periods of time
  • Cold room compatible (minimum 0°C)
  • Incubator compatible (maximum 65°C)

Everlast Rocker 247 with Optional Stacking Platform

  • 7.2 kilo load capacity
  • Adjustable speed and tilt angle
  • Stainless steel platform
  • Stainless steel optional stacking platform

Specifications (Click here):  Rockers, Everlast 247 Continuous Duty Adjustable Endurance

NumberDescriptionPrice $
BR5000 Everlast 247 Continuous Duty Endurance Rocker, with flat mat, 115V/50-60 Hz
BR5000-STACK Optional stacking platform for the Everlast 247 rocker, with flat mat, clearance 88.9 mm