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Check this page from time to time for the latest Specials from Rose Scientific, including promotions, sales and inventory clearances.

Sale Date it ends

Nylon, PTFE, PVDF-HB, MCE and CA Syringe Filters

Introductory Prices
on Syringe Filters!

25mm Ø, pkg/500           $350

0223-0102 Nylon, 0.22µm pore
0223-0302 Nylon, 0.45µm pore
0223-2102 PTFE, 0.22µm pore
0223-2302 PTFE, 0.45µm pore
0223-9102 PVDF-HB, 0.22µm pore
0223-9302 PVDF-HB, 0.45µm pore
0223-8102 MCE, 0.22µm pore
0223-8302 MCE, 0.45µm pore

25mm Ø, pkg/500           $550
0223-1106 CA, 0.22µm pore
0223-1306 CA, 0.45µm pore

Remainder of 2016.

PTFE Beakers, Low Form with Spout,
25 mL, ungraduated, 47 × 32 mm

Special Overstock
Sale Price!

Catalog Number: BN400.20
Pkg/5,    $ 65.00

While quantities last

Excellent chemical and temperature resistance.

Thar Instruments

Spare Parts at
Attractive Prices!

While quantities last

Binder Oven and
Incubator Clearance

Special pricing, for immediate delivery

Call to make sure item is still available.

While quantities last

Foss-Tecator Inventory Clearance Sale!

Great Deals while supplies last on Foss-Tecator parts and accessories.

Special pricing and immediate shipping. Call to make sure an item is still available.

While quantities last

The IKA® Topolino

Mini Magnetic Stirrer

Special Sale Price!

$72.49 Catalog Number 3368001

The IKA "Little Mouse" is a handy, friendly and effective portable lab companion.

Regular price is $112.17.

Immediate shipping, but limited quantities at this special promotion price.

While quantities last

Hach Radiometer Inventory clearance, special pricing for immediate delivery

Great Deals while supplies last! Hach Radiometer supplies and equipment. Reagents, consumables, accessories at 25% and more discount.

Immediate shipping. Check the Hach site www.hach.com for more details.

Call to make sure item is still available in stock. All sales final.
While quantities last